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Friday, April 28, 2006

10 random things about me

Jen IG is having another contest...

Here is my entry: (since it's SO long, it is also my post for today!)

10 random things about me

Well, I thought about researching what "random" really means... I mean, I want to get it right! But I'm not about to get out of my warm comfy spot to find the dictionary, and I don't feel like looking it up on the internet. Besides, I looked for the dictionary yesterday and couldn't find it... (BTW, I am known among my friends as someone who can 'randomly' go on and on talking about whatever is 'randomly' catching my attention at any given 'random' moment... I am terribly distractable, but it all comes from something... Something makes me think of something and that leads to something else... and so on)

1. There is a GIANT housefly flying around my head. I can feel the wind of it as it flies by. I abhor houseflies, especially the ones that are the size of a small bird. But WAY worse are the ones that are just about dead that will NOT stop landing in your hair!

2. I had braces when I was younger, but you wouldn't know it for how crooked my teeth are now. I lost one retainer, and the replacement fell out of my schoolbag and got run over by my mom's minivan, I was too embarrassed to tell my parents... thus the crooked state of my teeth.

3. I named our stateside vehicle, the Dodge Ram 12 passenger conversion van the "Tuttle Tank" because it is soooo big and it's green. It already had earned the name even before my 6yo son backed it into a 10 foot deep ditch (with his 3 siblings who were NOT belted in), the thing was sitting there and I could barely see it sticking up out of the ditch and after the tow truck pulled it out we drove it away.

4. I named our Peruvian Isuzu Trooper fairly the "Tuttle Trooper". We were stuck on the highway just after a huge landslide had happened. There were cars lined up on either side and my husband put that thing in 4x4 and you should have seen what we drove through! It was AMAZING.

5. I have played soccer in multiple countries. My team even played the Danish womens' national team (we lost). In Peru, the guys do NOT like to let the women play. Not long ago, I felt like a little kid as the LAST one picked for teams. Even as a grown woman, I cried.

6. I too am afraid of the dark, or at least of what may lurk there in the dark. It all started when I was little I would run as fast as I could from my room down the hall to the bathroom because I was deathly afraid that the Indians hiding in the living room would shoot me with arrows!

7. The aforementioned random thing is probably why I at the age of eleven had to stay in the hospital with a severe kidney infection. The doctor said it was from holding it when I had to go to the bathroom. My teacher came to visit me in the hospital...

8. When the nurse tried to put the IV in, she had to try 18 times! This was traumatizing and the cause of my phobia of all things medical...

9. I am VERY afraid of needles. So much so, that I HATE going to the dentist or the doctor or the lab or any other random person that might like to poke me with a needle. Because of my fear of needles I had all 4 of my children with absolutely no drugs or any interventions of any kind - in the hospital - believe me, the staff there were generally not 'natural friendly'. With my first they kept threatening me with pitocin and an epidural if I didn't hurry up and have the baby!

10. I met my husband when I was 12 and he was 13. He liked me, but was in love in the 'junior high' kind of way and thus was mean to me... we started dating when I was 16. We were VERY young when we got married and we would have it no other way. I was a (married) teen pregnancy with my first son!

11. I am from the Pacific Northwest and I REALLY love the rain. It's raining right now and as it usually does, it is probably dropping like a small waterfall into our living room.

12. I could go on and on as I am thinking of more things that are totally unrelated to anything else, but I think this is getting really long.

Now, that was maybe not so random as I usually am, but that is my entry for this contest!

Cajamarca, Peru

Saturday, April 29, 2006 - Very Fun!

Posted by EEEEMommy (
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouraging comments!
How cool to be in Peru! I'll have to read some more of your blog to find out why you're there. :)
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Sunday, April 30, 2006 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Rebeca (
It was fun to read your Random things!
We don't have a TV at all! So I guess we missed out on Turn off Your TV Week.Now that I'm used to not having it I don't know when we'd find time to watch it. We do watch movies on our computer once in a while.
And, did you know that today is Oatmeal cookie Day? I don't know who gets to declare these things!
I liked you F themed newsletter!

Sunday, April 30, 2006 - Untitled Comment

Posted by momanna98 (
In your control panel on of the options is RSS feed. If you go into that you can turn it on. If it is on, it isn't posted on your site like most peoples are. I don't know how to get it if there isn't a place that says RSS feed.

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