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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dentists and Campesinos

Well, I began writing this last night when the kids were in bed, Micah was out doing missionary stuff, and the house was quiet...

(...except for that occasional really loud annoying banging that is caused by the Sam the dog pawing the window to be let in).

It is no longer quiet, but I needed to get this up this morning!

My report on our weekend with a houseful of people.

An Irishman, a French woman and 3 Peruvians all went to stay in the house of some Americans...

No, wait a minute, that's not how it went... An Irish dentist named Tony, our friends Luis the LimeƱo and his French wife Anna-Laure and their two little guys, Peruvians Lizzy and Cecia, and Kate the Canadian plus our family of six Americans all in one house! Wow, that is quite the diverse multi-national group!

Just see the pictures...

Click the thumbnail to see my album...

I tried to put this collage on here, but I think it must be about 5MB or something... so, you'll have to click the link! :)

Here's my friend Lizzy and I taking down the patients' important information and a brief medical history before they got to have their teeth taken out.

The dentist (Tony) wasn't able to bring ALL his stuff (I never realized how many tools dentists have!), so he wasn't able to do fillings but he was able to take them out! He took out the teeth that were just too rotten; and those were at least 75 in that one day! There were about 60 patients (I wish we would have counted exactly). And let me tell you, it was AMAZING. These people do NOT brush their teeth, and they suffer the terrible consequences... Many, many, many of them (including children), had such rotten teeth that the tooth part broke off at the root and that's all they had in their gums!! I could NOT believe it. Tony had to dig in and pull! Yuck. And you might not believe it, but seriously, the root part of the tooth is bigger than the part that you can see. I NEVER knew how seriously HUGE teeth were until now! There were only a couple faintings (the helpers- the patients were all fine), and one seriously close call (Micah had to run out of the room before he fainted).

(Click picture to see Gallery of photos)

Okay, well, I'll try to get more up on the Gallery if you'd like to see more (click one of the photos). I think that about does it for my summary. I guess that will fill my quoto of Peru pictures too... for awhile anyway.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006 - Giving me goose bumps!

Posted by pajara (
And no not because of "dentist" pix. I looked at all the pix on the site. I love what you guys are doing there. The help you guys have been giving those people is amazing. God bless you all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 - fainting

Posted by Anonymous (
Micah, I think you got your athlithic abilities from your mom, but the fainting I think you got from me.


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