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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Doing much better

Thanks to Giardia medicine, which the Doctor prescribed being pretty sure that's what they had, LooneyTunes and my Dearest are feeling MUCH better (apart from one unpleasant symptom that remains which will not be described). We will get the results today to find out if that's what the rest of us might have without symptoms which I guess is pretty common.

School was sort of sporadic with so many sickies around. Since Thursday we have done all of our work for this week in three days! Wow. It was a lot. We read Tree in the Trail, An Island Story - Stonehenge, Trial and Triumph - Monica and Augustine, Baldwin's Famous 50 - Napolean and Maximilian, Burgess Bird Book - Eastern Kingbird, Redtailed Hawk and Great Crested Flycatcher, 4 Aesop's Fables, Just So Stories - Armadillo and Parables from Nature - The law of the wood. They did their narrations orally for all of these except Parables from Nature which they had a hard time comprehending this chapter.

I found two interesting bird sites while looking for our stuff:

This is my favorite for pictures, description, and bird songs. You enter the bird name. There are many to choose from.

This one is an AMAZING web cam of several nests! Barn Owl, Osprey, Eastern Bluebird and several others.

I had attempted this entry a few minutes ago and as I went to save it... it didn't save! So, it was much prettier before, but now I have no time to fix it up like before. We are going to a wedding tonight, so that should prove to be an interesting cultural experience. I'll try to take some good pictures.


PS. We got a package today! We LOVE packages! Thanks Tabbal family! :)

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