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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh the sedentary life!

I've been at the computer an enormous portion of the day. Although I did go and workout with Micah in the morning and we had a brisk walk through town (that was a highlight, I rarely get out these homeschooling days, except on our date nights - that is about to change...)

During quiet time I worked on trying to download a trial for Adobe PhotoShop Elements so that I could start my online digital scrapbooking class that a friend bought for me. After several hours of downloading (6 to be exact...we have a slow unreliable connection) and several failed downloads... I gave up. No, I didn't sit here that whole time! I have four small children... that's all I need to say, I knew you'd understand

Next, while the kids played outside with a friend who was visiting, I moved on to writing our monthly news/prayer letter. To read it, click here Micah watched the kids and did almost all of the homeschooling so that I could get these projects done for him, so, after that, for some time I edited some pictures of my Beloved: (no my Beloved is not a cow, you'll have to click the picture to actually see him, I think)

click picture to see full-size

Which of course having edited the pictures I had to put them up on the website, so, after the kids were in bed, I updated the website... (our online newsletters and prayer requests were current as of September of LAST YEAR! Yikes... so I was a little behind...)

And now I'm here. Since I have nothing else to do. So much alleged "spare" time! Whatever else could I do with myself but waste... oh, I mean... allot my valuable time writing on this blog?! Well, it hasn't consumed much, and now I will go and look for something tangible to do for the rest of the time before I go to sleep!

This has been another episode of "running on and on with my random ramblings." - I hope you don't mind!


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