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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Charlotte Mason Education

We use AmblesideOnline! Want to know more? Click Here Ambleside Online is an online guide to a comprehensive Charlotte Mason education. The site has lists for study and reading at every level. There are lots of links to living books online, great tips and several e-mail groups that offer amazing support. Also on site are the original Homeschooling series by Charlotte Mason in their original language as well as a modern English version. I really feel this article written by Anne White gives a thorough look at what a CM education looks like. Download a printable brochure on the great features of AO.

A brief biography of Charlotte Mason HERE.

Books on Charlotte Mason's methods of schooling:
Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola - very good
Penny Gardner's Charlotte Mason Study Guide - only $5, haven't read yet.
Catherine Levinson has several books as well as many great articles on the subject on her site - I have one of her books ordered, received in Ptld... haven't arrived here to Peru yet.

Simply Charlotte Mason has a WONDERFUL growing selection of SUPER GREAT CM resources in paper and electronic format. I am using quite a few of their items. Jack's Insects, Your Business Math Series (living math), Laying Down the Rails, and Spelling Wisdom are some of the titles we are currently using. We just LOVE SCM. They have a planner/calendar that I just think would be great, but I made my own and it works just fine for now. They also have a free e-book
on how to create an atmosphere of learning CM style.

I found a site today that has a bunch of links to articles on CM methods here. I'll definitely be back there to have a read when I have a few moments. Another Amy from Heart of the Matter Online posted "How to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way" and had some great links as well.

I enjoyed reading this brief synopsis of some benchmarks of a CM education at HS unlimited.

Personally, our favorite things about CM homeschooling are
the emphasis on the importance of habit training (my fave ;),
short lessons, nature study as a subject,
and having lots and lots of books as friends...
among many, many, MANY other things :)



Kayluray said...

I love Charlotte Mason, too. It just seems to be a more natural way to learn.

6intow said...

I am borrowing your idea for compiling links. I am tired of hunting all over for the version we were using or for the audio books. I know a lot of them are listed on Ambleside, but I am going to compile all the links I use for a given year in one post. Maybe it will end up being more info than one post can handle. We'll see. Thanks for the idea!

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