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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forms for an organizational freak... like me

Forms, forms and more forms. I am a listy girl!

A super amazing organization site is: She has every form under the sun available. It is simply amazing. Most everything is free, but she does sell a cd of the website with even WAY more stuff on it. Cool stuff.

Some of the pages on her site:

1 comment:

6intow said...

I had heard about this site at a homeschool meeting, but forgot to look it up when I got home. Thanks for jogging my memory.

ryc: I've missed you around here, but blogging should be a pretty low priority in the grand scheme of things. I write to relax, so I usually find myself blogging every day or two, at least quick stuff that God is teaching me. It helps that my "baby" is three now and pretty self sufficient. We can all do so much together, and that allows us all a little more discretionary time each day.

Love all your recent posts for your own organizational benefit. Great organizational idea!

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