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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notes on Habit Training

Is habit training more for me or for my children?

Anyone who has children will notice sometime that what we do, our children do also, in one form or another. If I were more perfect, I think I would naturally have better children. Of course, we know that we are all sinners. Yet, monkey say, monkey do. No?

Do your kids dawdle? Do you? Do your kids treat each other impatiently? Do you?

Now, I don't know what it's like in your family, but when I started contemplating some of the complaints I have about my kids, I mean really thinking about it, all of a sudden it dawned on me and I started getting a little nervous. I began to realize I too struggle with the same things in some form or other. That's not the worst realization, but the truly horrific was that they probably learned their bad habits from me in the first place!!

So, I started to realize and feel the burden that if I expect my kids to work on forming good habits, I've got to show a little reformation in my life as well.

At this point, I started realizing how important habit training really is, in all of life. No matter how young or old we are, there will always be areas to improve. I think habits are a life-long concern.

Stay posted, more thoughts coming on this whopper of a subject. I cannot say exactly when...someday is as close as I can get :)

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