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Friday, January 2, 2009

Commit this to memory

We've been kind of hit and miss with this important subject. Sure, we've done LOTS of memorizing, just not in an efficiently organized fashion. There are two systems that I think are the BEST and we have tried them both on and off. One of the most important aspects of memorization are the tactics used for review. After all, what good is it to you if you memorized a verse a couple of months ago but you can't remember it when you need it? Continual consistent review will lock these truths in forever!

Scripture Memory System FREE - this is great, the only downfall is that you have to write or type out the verses. We have used this inconsistently to review the verses we've already committed to memory, to try to retain them. If we would've used it more like recommended we'd have had better results. This is better if you're trying to memorize whole passages from the Bible.

Memlok Bible Memory System $20 - this really is SUPER, all the work is already done for you.
You can download and print the whole thing off at your leisure, or for $5 more you can order a CD... and they send you the plastic holders for review + 2 more downloadable gifts and shipping is free! This has verses in a topical format. Someone gave us the older version complete with a 3-ring binder. It is definitely the coolest memory system I've seen. Oh, did I mention that you can choose your favorite version!? You can add a version as well for only $8. You can also choose whether or not you want the visual prompt images on the cards.

Of course, we haven't fully put it into practice... yet. But it is something that we plan to do, starting this new year.

Are you planning on making any changes or starting anything new this year?


Here's an article by Ruth Beechick on Family Scripture Memorization


momtofivekids said...

I'll have to check those out. I wanted to do bible memory with my kids, but I just haven't been doing it. This is the first year that I don't have any kids in AWANA where they did lots of bible memory work.

momanna98 said...

We use the first one you mentioned. When we first started, we were very consistent, and it worked great. But, like you, we are very inconsistent with it now. I would love to get back in the habit and include the young kids this time. In fact, I pulled it out to use it today and it's sitting right next to the computer.

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