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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is the new CPSIA law hurting you?

**UPDATED below**
Have you heard about the new lead law? It potentially could put many small businesses out of business including many beloved family-run businesses that sell educational products to homeschoolers. If you own a small business being hurt by the new law please read the following and contact the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). For more info on the new law and regulations to be put into effect Feb. 10, read HERE and HERE.

From the Desk of J. Michael Smith

Will New Consumer Product Regulations Affect Your Business?
Dear HSLDA Members,

Help Us Protect You

If new consumer product regulations will harm your business, tell us
so we can tell federal officials. Contact HSLDA's Federal Relations
Department at 540-338-5600 or Many of you
have contacted us with your concerns regarding the impact of the
federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), and the
forthcoming regulations. We have addressed some of these concerns in
the online analysis, "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of

However, we are concerned about the effect that this legislation and
the proposed regulations will have on small family businesses. It
appears that many of these vital businesses could be forced to close
due to the high cost of compliance with the CPSIA.

HSLDA is trying to help protect such family businesses, as well as
the homeschooling families who may purchase educational items from
such a family business.

We will be meeting with the commissioners of the Consumer Product
Safety Commission on Wednesday, February 4. It would help our efforts
if we had actual accounts from family business owners who will have
to go out of business, or make drastic cutbacks, as a result of this
legislation and the proposed regulations.

If you are interested in having us use your family business as an
example, please send us your contact information and a one- or two-
page summary of your family business, the impact of the CPSIA, and
what the likely harm to you will be. You may send this information to
Eric Lansing at You may reach Eric and
the rest of the HSLDA Federal Relations staff at 540-338-5600, if you
have additional questions. We will only share your first name, name
of your business, and your state of residence with the CPSC.

Thank you for your help. We are committed to doing all we can to
protect family businesses, and are ready to begin lobbying Congress
for an exemption to the CPSIA, if the commissioners are unhelpful to
our cause.

Mike Smith
HSLDA President
Hey! They've grated a one-year reprieve! Thanks to all the calls, letters, etc. "The commission has been bombarded with thousands of calls, e-mails, letters and visits from people upset about the law, Martyak said." Great :) Here's a link to an article with more info.


1 comment:

aka eyecorn said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I own Treaure Box Press, we make homeschool science kits. Well, we used to make them...we are trying to regroup and maybe do E-Books. This law has definitely hurt our family and our financial situation. This is a very serious many homeschool and non-homeschool families are being affected. Plus, the homeschool community is going to suffer because of the reduced variety of products available to us.

Again, thank you so much for giving this attention on your blog.

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