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Friday, February 26, 2010

Are you missing something?!

Here's the official site for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  I'm sure we'll find some helpful information there!  Speaking of information... can somebody tell me what curling is?!  Is this a NEW event?  I'm pretty sure I've never ever heard of it!

I feel totally deprived not having watched a SINGLE event in this year's winter Olympics in Vancouver... I mean it's practically in my old backyard (I'm from Oregon!).

I bought a unit study on the Olympics thinking that my kids cannot possibly go their whole childhood never having watched an Olympics... but unless we have cable, we couldn't hope to see any action.  We definitely don't want cable... I won't go into details, but believe it or not the smut on the screen, in terms of smut-i-ness, beats what you'd see stateside one hundred to one.

Now that the games are all but over, I'm feeling withdrawals as I hear how all the teams have done.  Memory is bringing to mind how totally into the whole thing I was when I was younger and how much of an influence the Olympics had on my interest in sports and physical activity!  Oh me. Oh my.

Never fear, all is not lost!  I just found out that has event replays online!!!  woohoo!  I am SO excited!  You can probably guess what we'll be doing this evening, and tomorrow, and every free minute until they take them down!!

Oh yeah.
Oh no.

I just clicked on the link above and you'll NEVER guess what I found...
Due to Olympic broadcasting regulations, NBC is only allowed to show Olympic competition video on the internet to users in the United States and U.S. Territories (including Puerto Rico). Users outside of those locations will still have access to an extensive set of non-event video content on including the video listed below. 
Oh my.  NON-EVENT VIDEO CONTENT... Did you catch that part?!  NBC's the best!!  Not.
So, did anyone record them?!  Does anyone want to make us a 200 DVD collection from their recordings??  Sad.  I found the official broadcast for Peru here.  It's pretty much a disaster... can't understand it at all as it seems to have several video streams going simultaneously.  Junk.

Oh well.  Life goes on.  Someday, I'm going to get the whole experience with my kids.  As of today it's going on my bucket list!  So did you make a big deal of the Olympics in your family?  Did you even watch them? 

PS.  Okay, I know it's a little late for most of you, as the Olympics are officially over in TWO days :(  [sniff. sniff.]  ...but I just found a fellow CMer's blog with a post with lots of helpful links and Olympiad activity ideas.   Have a look here.  I know that I'm going to be doing a little theme on it in a couple weeks on our vacation week... so I'll be able to have the benefit of everyone's accumulative efforts!!  oh yeah.

PPS. I've been made aware of several sites that have post-olympic information, including videos of actual events!!  I am saved!  ;)  Thanks Erin!!



6intow said...

my cousin's wife is in England (my cousin is currently deployed) and she found the same thing. I don't know if this works after the fact, but she found out some ways around her international location. You can watch them online somehow by using a proxy server.

These sites might help you:

Hope that helps!

ChristinaB said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! How is it that you came to be in Peru if you dont mind my asking!? I am enjoying looking at all your nature walks and LOVE all the photo's you include!
We too have been deficient of any olympic action this year! We dont have cable either :0)

Nancy Kelly said...

(shyly raising her hand), um, I know what curling is. I married a man from Minnesota and have passed the Minneapolis and Duluth curling clubs a few times, too. A skim of the wikipedia article will get you up to speed if you don't fall asleep before the end of the article. (!!)

Enjoying your blog!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

My boys were pretending to be curling out in the driveway the other day. We first heard of it in the previous Winter Olympics. Interesting, isn't it?

I wish you could've seen the women's long program in figure skating last night. It was phenomenal!!! Is there nothing on YouTube?

6intow said...

btw, I heard curling described as a combination of horseshoes and housekeeping. :-)

One person slides a giant "rock" (weight) down the track (similar to shuffleboard) and then the "sweepers" try to direct it without touching it along the way. Horseshoes and housekeeping.

Richele said...

Is it just nostalgia - we're TV-less and I miss them, too! My husband grew up watching them in Russia with his family as well.

We found out they were broadcasting them for free at our new movie theater and we were all set to take the boys but they weren't showing that night! Pass the tissues.

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