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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Raising Real Men Book Release... with Write Shop prizes

An all new book about rearing boys is about to be released! There being 3 boys in our brood, it looks like it'd be something I'd be interested in reading! It's called Raising Real Men

Read a sample chapter from the new book, Raising Real Men here.

Plus there are freebies and prizes!!  You could win your choice of WriteShop Primary Teacher’s Guide w/Activity Set Worksheet Pack – worth up to $37.90!  Kim is also giving away a $35 gift certificate!  

There are several free downloads from Motherboard books as well.  So click on over there...

To be honest, I'm in it for the prizes!  But surely I am interested in checking out the new book as well ;)

We've just started using WriteShop and so far, I really like it... I'll have to give you my boy's opinions someday in the future... they're not generally very keen on any 'new' schoolwork in the beginning regardless of type or quality :)

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