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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's That Bug?

One of our difficulties with Nature Study on this part of the planet is, identification.  There is some serious diversity here in Peru! (and I'm not complaining!) It was said by Theodore Parker III, famous American field ornithologist, “Peru offers ‘bird-enthusiasts’ more than any other country in the world… Being here is like being a child visiting a huge store filled with new and fascinating toys”.  While the resources are vast for identification of wildlife native to North America, I have yet to find any comprehensive online resources for South America.  Lots of animals, birds and insects are similar but with variations, so it is difficult to nail any one specimen down, even with the best of sources.  So while we do have a couple of books as helps, I still many times am at a total loss.

Today for example, after several hours spent on looking to pinpoint several of our local bugs found on recent nature walks, this one stumped me, so I decided to submit a question.  Here it is:
My son spotted this bug while we were out on a nature walk.  It is a bright blue.  While I've spent several hours searching your site for something similar, all I've found is the masked hunter (but I doubt it is this because there was absolutely nothing this color anywhere near where we were... no blue carpet :).  It is similar in color to the blue-green citrus weevil, but it's body doesn't look like it as it's rather bumpy.  Just thought it'd be fun to identify it, though I didn't imagine it would be this hard... :)

He was about 2cm in length and was crossing a dirt road near a farm of coconut trees.  We live in 'ceja de selva' (which is on the eastern slopes of the Andes, above true rainforest level).

my images are here:

and here:

Any ideas?

All I know is, that it's possible that I've found a species that hasn't been discovered... and I want to name it if that is the case!  The Turquoise Blue Tuttle Beetle.  of course.

My Recommended Resources:
While we're on the subject of identification guides, here are the books we have:
(only one is specific to Peru, or South America for that matter)

Here are the books we'd like to have... someday: (why on earth are they so expensive?!)

My Helpful Links: (I will be adding to these as I find them... )
Birds of Peru - Tarapoto - page one, page two, page three
Rainforest Insects


6intow said...

Love the bug name! Kind of reminds me of Fox in Socks. I feel like you should find more and put the beetles in a bottle so you can have a turquoise blue tuttle beetle in a bottle battle ;)

North Laurel said...

Wow, I have never looked through so many beetles (bugs in general) in my life! I can't find your little bug anywhere either! Did you try ? Nice name anyway ;)

Johnna said...

That bug is awesome!

Audrey said...

That is an awesome bug! I hope you get to name it. :)

Silvia said...

Beautiful bug, and very appropriate name, ;) I love coming to your blog and looking at your pics.
Good nature study!

Richele said...

I just read only 365,000 beetles have been described (out of an expected 3-10 million species) so the name Tuttle Beetle stands a good chance!

Isn't nature study just the best?!

Wondering how well my screen is color calibrated as the little guy looks more green than blue here.

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

Hola Amy :)

Vengo del blog de Silvia y espero que entiendas español :D

No tengo ni idea de la especie pero me parece un gorgojo precioso :D



amy in peru said...

Erin -
HAHAHAHAAH! That was good for one serious laughing out loud! Feels good to chuckle :) I'm glad that someone appreciates my fondness for alliteration ;)

Blossom -
I did look at that site, thanks for the link! what's that bug also refers often to it. I still haven't found anything but the WTB guy did respond and say that it IS a weevil, but doesn't know the species, or if it has a name!! woohoo.

Turquoise Blue Tuttle Beetle, I think it shall always be, if not only in our hearts! :)

Richele -
oh my word! beetles are running on rampant aren't they?! well, that would be REALLY cool to name it!! hahaha. I should pursue it! ...and considering that I was only joking! it's color is very light turquoise... like the color of the oceans on my globe, not so blue as the sky... maybe your screen IS off? :) or maybe you never knew you were slightly color blind... ;) heheh.

meninheira -
gracias por comentar en mi blog! si, el dueno del sitio me respondio y me dijo que si es un gorgojo, pero no sabe si se ha identificado... tal vez voy a nombrarlo ya! :) jeje

estoy saliendo a pasear por tu blog ahorita.

mucho gusto...

Unknown said...

I can help narrow it down a little more ...
ORDER = Coleoptera
FAMILY = Curculionoidea (Weevils)

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