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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Composer Study: Edvard Grieg


Read Grieg's  Biography: (see links in left side bar for background, childhood, etc)

Listen to Classic For Kid's audio shows on Edvard Grieg HERE (you can also read the transcripts there).

Print this off for a timeline figure!!
Edvard Grieg
June 15, 1843 - Sept. 4, 1907

Image courtesy of Bergen Off. Library

Edvard Grieg Music to buy:

I am thinking about downloading this mp3 album from -
$9.49 for TONS of music

(38 tracks to be exact!):

This CD has several of the
AO selections on one disc: 
(Peer Gynt No.1&2, Finlandia, Norwegian Dances) $6.49 w/ prime shipping

And last but not least,
here's the album I would totally buy if the cover
art were the only consideration :)

Free downloads of AO term selections:
(I have downloaded and actually listened to all 3 - all perfectly suitable for a basic intro!)

Peer Gynt - look for 'McKeeverDuoGriegPeerGynt' - this is very nicely done!
Norwegian Dance No.2 - scroll 1/3 of the way down the page, look for 'Pianoteq Grieg' / Grieg Norwegian Dance 2 
Piano Concerto in A - Op.16, I,II, III - download links at the bottom of the page
Some helpful links:

Ambleside Online's Composer Schedule page - lists the composers to be studied each term
How we do Composer Study - A how-to by Fisher Academy, yay!  

And still more links (maybe helpful):
A teacher's lesson plan for an activity based on Grieg's Peer Gynt - The Tale of the Mountain King.  Looks fairly interesting.  

A wordsearch (pdf) with important words from Edvard Grieg's bio on the site (left click to save file as).
A unit study (pdf) from for your perusal... seems a bit technical/band class/ music lesson-ish to me, but heh, I know that someone could find it useful :)

A downloadable biography of Edvard Grieg, by Henry T. Finck - from (I have NO idea of it's literary quality...)
A lesson plan/activities from BBC's Parents' Music Room - Motivate your Child with Music, using Peer Gynt - Tale of the Mountain King including a how-to for teaching your kids how to compose some music themselves.


PS. Please leave a comment if you've found any other helpful resources online or from your library!  It would be helpful to everyone else who comes along!! 

Thanks everyone for pointing this one out!! We LOVED it!
Yay, for the Lego orchestra!


Blossom said...

Thank you so much for putting this here. I love your blog :) I don't mean to sound uh, lazy, but your site makes it extremely easy to find things ;)

Trisha said...

Great listing of resources, Amy! For a bit of fun, we found the Lego orchestra performing Hall of the Mountain King quite entertaining. It's on YouTube, so you'll have to watch out for the inappropriate ads, etc....I just have everyone leave the room until I make sure things are "safe."

I know this took a lot of time to put together. Thanks again for making it easier for the rest of us.

Mama Squirrel said...

I was about to recommend the same You-tube video as Queen Mom! Our kids thought it was a lot of fun.

Silvia said...

I have to agree with the others. You put lots of resources in a wonderful way. I love love classics for kids. Great info, makes me stay on top of the music and art that I tend to neglect but that is such a crucial part of education.

Thanks a lot for adding my button, and no, I didn't have it in my site. However the link seems to be broken, in the link you have to add the so it goes there when you click the picture. If it doesn't work, I'll have the code in my website too to add as an HTML gadget.


A Dusty Frame said...

Thanks for the great info!

Silvia said...

Thanks for taking the time to fix the problem. I loved listening to his bio in classic for kids. I've done a three pieces playlist (it's the only ones that pop up at, and added them to my blog. The other day I was listening to them and my oldest said, mom, what a beautiful music.
I'm with you, if I make the post, I do it!
Thanks, Silvia

Beth said...

Thanks for the great resources. We loved the Lego orchestra!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for this. I'm with blossom - love your blog; love you for putting everything together like this!

SuzanneG said...

Hi, Amy! Came here via Sarah's blog (Herding Turtles on the Trail) and just can't LEAVE!

Алена Черных said...

I love Grieg and his music. Not long ago I started to search for information about his life. This is very interesting -

Kira Sergeeva said...

Edvard Greig was such a talanted composer, I read so much about him and his compositions. I could recommend this article

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