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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Day on Venus - an assignment

{An assignment.}

Draw a comic book strip called, "A Day on Venus".

{spelling has been corrected to aid understanding ;)}

The text:
* The unmanned space [craft] daring an exploding-proof robot to Venus.
** "Hello, I am sending this robot to find out what it's like on Venus and if we could live on it. The robot's name is R3D3.
*** "Here we go!"
**** "Ahhhhhh!"  CRASH.
*****Well, there goes the space ship, and I'm still in one piece!  Now, let's start with that..."
****** "Ahhh!  Run for the cave!"
******* "Huh?!"
******* As shown in the picture, not even robots can live on Venus.  "Help!"

But that's not all.  Maybe there's more.  There is some life...  [to be continued.]

*  *  *
They've decided to make a series about some robot-like creatures that live on Venus... may the fun begin.  I foresee an impending comic art tangent.


Silvia said...

Definitely your child has imagination and some artistry for drawing.
You do good dating and saving this as a memory.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

mine love comic strips but hate to draw. *sigh* wonder if creating their own comics will ever happen at our house...

Unknown said...

Fun idea! :)

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