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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Homeschool Routines ~ a memoir

I'm playing catch up. Because of our jungle trip, I got all off my routine! ;)

So, my routine is that I work around whatever craziness my husband sends my way... every day! :) Being in ministry he has a schedule that depends on lots of other people. People come by, they call, he has different meetings everyday and has lots of spur of the moment things too. While every day is not the same craziness, it is crazy every day so that is my routine!

However, we do have a loose routine of:
7am wake/read Bible
8am breakfast
9am start school
1pm lunch
2pm nap/quiet time
3pm read alouds
5-6pm dinner
8pm kids' bedtime

I'm always working on ways to make my day run more smoothly. We have a wonderful schedule using Managers of their Homes, but it is in re-evaluation right now, so we're between schedules.

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