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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nature Study

Nature Study has definitely become for us a day-to-day if not moment-by-moment happening around here (yay!!). Since we came to stay here in the jungle, you would not believe me if I detailed out all that we've seen and studied! I have killed LOTS of spiders, and let some live... (those that are smart enough to stay outside)

There is amazing variety! We have ants (at least three different species... do you use the term species with ants?!), centipedes, millipedes, ants, moths, grasshoppers of amazing size, crickets, beautiful butterflies, ugly ones, did I mention ants? We have a frog/toad (he's outside), wasps, praying mantis, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, geckos of varying sizes, a turtle...
We even have bats and possibly rats.

And all these are co-habitating with us IN our house!! Aren't you envious?! oh yeah! hahahaha.

Nature study at a whole new level.

We don't even have to go out our backdoor!


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