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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival :: April 2015 :: CMBC

Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for joining us at the April 2015 edition CM Blog Carnival! In the March edition, we accumulated a WHOPPING 52 posts! If you haven't had a chance to see them all yet, you'll definitely want to bookmark that post for later. Meanwhile, there is already a great selection of CM blog reading with more to come throughout the month, see the linky below. :)

Readers may want to check back again near the end of the month for the latest additions. Also, bloggers, please feel free to link up any additional posts to the linky below, or if you would like it to be considered as a feature in the next carnival, you may also submit it by e-mail anytime between now and the end of the month.

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This month, among the early submitted posts, I noticed two recurrent themes. Both of which, those familiar with Charlotte Mason know to be part of the bedrock of a living education, living books and nature study. This carnival, I've decided to feature the former. The latter are linked from the linky below with the other submissions, as well as from the latest {NSM!} post. There are MANY interesting conversations this time, including some about printable copywork and CM bookmarks, several with handiwork projects, and even a Shakespearean visit! You can read them all starting from the linky below!

Photo by Leah. Read about her picture book selections here.


"So much for the right books; the right use of them is another matter. The children must enjoy the book. The ideas it holds must each make that sudden, delightful impact upon their minds, must cause that intellectual stir, which mark the inception of an idea. "
CM, volume 3, page 378

This from Linda at Keeping On Keeping On:

"She explained to Molly that she loved the book about the animals and about the man who spends a lot of time in the woods watching all of them, 'And do you know what else? There are NO pictures in the book! None at all! But it doesn't even matter. Do you know why? Because the writer writes so well that I can see the pictures in my head. The book doesn't even need any pictures. And oh, I hope that someday I can write as well as he does.'"
{Read more here}


Photo by Fisher Academy.
One of my Y10 students with what he deems "the hardest book of the term".
Both boys say that it's really good, just a challenging read.
Harder even than Dorothy Sayers, for example!
Once again, CM rings true, "But boys get knowledge only as they dig for it."


Next up, Nebby shares how she chooses books:
"For spines (books which I read aloud to all the kids to give us an overview and make sure there are no huge gaps) we continue to go through H.E. Marshall’s This Country of Ours and Helene Guerber’s Story of the Great Republic."
{Read more here}


Last but not least, The Headmistress at The Common Room shares about when too many books may not be a good thing. She titled her post, "In which the DHM kicks herself for not practicing what she's preached." This was a timely post for me personally as we're playing 'catch up' this year. If you have ever gotten behind or need to plan ahead for extenuating circumstances, this is a must read.

"I couldn’t possibly count the number of times I have told somebody, “The goal is not to get the children through the books, it’s to get the books through the children.”

Sometimes I wish I listened to myself better. Am I the only one who forgets to take my own advice?"
{Read more here}


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Nature Study Monday :: April 2015 :: NSM {LinkUP!}

Hellooooo! and thanks for your continued interest in the NSM blog linkups!

We've been a little more relaxed about nature study around here the last few months as we're still doing some catching up on regular schoolwork. So 'scheduled' nature study walks and journaling have been irregular. It's been more free-for-all as in: we fall in love with, have a good look at and document whatever whenever whether it slithers, flutters or just happens by.

This last month, we've acquired a stray kitten, found a snake in the bathroom (whom everyone is happy to have as a permanent guest as long as he stays in an aquarium), as well as other regular visitors who stay long enough to have a good look and then are free to go.

I hope visiting the other homeschool nature study blogs linked below will inspire and encourage you to continue or make a start in your own nature adventures!

Here's a link up for April!

Snag a button if you wanna! :)
Come back and share your nature studies with us this month!

The {Nature Study Monday} link up is for ANY nature study-ish blog post written at any time during the current month. Which means, when you submit your link, it will show up in every. single. {NSM} post. during the whole month! Oh, and be not confused, feel free to link up on any day, be it Monday or not! 

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