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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival :: March 2015 :: CMBC

Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for joining us for the March 2015 edition CM Blog Carnival! In February's edition, we accumulated a total of 26 posts during the month! It's so much fun to share ideas and thoughts!* If you haven't had a chance, you may want to bookmark that post to read later. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this month's blog offerings. :)

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When perusing the carnival submissions this month, I was encouraged by what many of you are learning and doing with your kids! Thank you for sharing with us. One thing I have been impressed with lately is: Teaching is not an easy job; homeschooling can be an especially daunting task. But, may I suggest that it can be one of the most rewarding?

Working with kids can be awe-inspiring... the way their brains revel in new ideas, how they flourish under the right conditions, and how very unique they are: every. single. one.

Today, I'd like to direct your attention to an amazing lady's blog post where she talks about some amazing transformations worked out in the lives of some amazing kids.

Are you prepared to be amazed?

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.
Tammy Glaser, mother of Pamela and David, became interested in Charlotte Mason's ideas in 2000 and is astonished to find her understanding still unfolding. She speaks at conferences, writes articles, and keeps blogs. Besides volunteering at Harvest Community School, a Mason-style private school which hosts all kinds of children including some with a variety of needs, she spends her free time knitting and crocheting, reading, tutoring, bird watching, singing, and nurturing her daughter's talent in watercolors. She and her husband Steve share their time between Kansas and South Carolina.



In her recent post she writes:
"We value feasts, not just food feasts, but feasts of the mind."

"I could spend all night blogging about changed lives. About the girl who never went outside and who now adores going on what she dubbed "the dangerous and wet trail of death" on Friday. About the boy who got upset when asked to read aloud who acted in a play in Charleston last month. About the girl whose third grade teacher made her feel stupid and who now knows how intelligent she really is."

This month's blog offerings...
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