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Monday, January 19, 2015

Nature Study Monday :: January :: NSM {LinkUP!}

hello, fellow nature study enthusiasts!

this month of getting back into the scheme of things has not included a regular getting back out into nature and things. sadly.

we're still traveling. currently, we're on the coast of Peru, but haven't made it to the beach. yet.
hopefully tomorrow. and if we get out, i promise to share pictures.
'til then, have a peek at some Very Interesting Nature reads?

and do share your nature studies with us in the linky below?
we're feeling somewhat nature deprived as all we've really seen lately has been on the go. go. go.

Have you gotten outside much for nature study this winter?
How 'bout a look at the sky?

Nature Study = A human right?

A Nature Walk in: methow valley, wa

My friend Jeanne and her Book of Firsts.

On Using Photography in Nature Study

Top 20 New Species Discovered in 2014!
Be sure to check out one found ONLY IN PERU!
Oh, and the Very Long Insect. Second longest in the world to be exact.

Set some goals for Nature Study this year?
Read Barb's Nature Study Goals for 2015

Snag a button if you wanna! :)
Come back and share your nature studies with us this month!

The {Nature Study Monday} link up is for ANY nature study-ish blog post written at any time during the current month. Which means, when you submit your link, it will show up in every. single. {NSM} post. during the whole month! Oh, and be not confused, feel free to link up on any day, be it Monday or not! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival :: January 2015 :: CMBC

Hey there, Friends!

Isn't it fun to be back here together again?!
Ah... the CM Blog Carnival. Thank you all so much for your participation this time around. There are so many fun opportunities listed below to hang out together via blogs!

We have a grand total of 20 posts! That's like having 20 of you, and all your friends, over for tea.
Seriously, what FUN! See what happens when we don't get together for a while?!
We have so much to say!

As you know we've been considering some changes to the CMBC in order to make it easier for everybody to enjoy and participate. We'll talk about that at the end. First, let's just enjoy one another's company. :)

Reflective and Inspirational posts:

Angela from Learning to Live shares her Homeschool goals for the new year, she mentions many different areas where she has already seen some improvement with her young children, as well as a few where she's still looking. What a fun stage she is at with her girls!

Liz Cottrill at Living Books Library shares some timely inspiration in Living Up to the Call. A very good read for the beginning of a new year which so often coincides with flu season!

Dawn at Ladydusk shares 2015 Homeschool Changes: Philosophy Changes, in which she announces she's becoming more and more drawn to Charlotte Mason, and plans to keep studying (via Karen Glass' book!) and applying her principles. Yay! Welcome, it's such a wonderful way of life.

Deanna at Love Adopted shares Beginning Ambleside Year 0 ~ Our "No" Curriculum-Curriculum Overview and Some Advice Along the Way. She's an experience homeschooler starting over with her littlest two using AOy0 and boy is it a jam-packed post! I for one enjoyed reading it in parts, there is so much sweetness there.

Nancy at Sage Parnassus shares TWO posts, (see Slow and Beautiful Work below) and Simple Living in the New Year! Both are beautiful reminders to live simply and deliberately in a crazy busy world. Also encouraging are her personal responses to comments. Thanks, Nancy!

Patti Lofgren at School Days Scrapbook shares Powerful Spiritual Themes in Chronicles of Narnia and (John Constable - Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows, see below).

Rachel at In the Magpie's Nest shares 15 Things I Wish I'd Known 5 Years Ago; good things to think about that are also simple to apply. We all keep improving as we go along, don't we? Thanks for sharing!

Celeste at Joyous Lessons shares TWO posts, (see An Introduction to Keeping Company below) and What We're Reading :: January. Her love of books shines through in this post, as she shows what her children (7 under 9yo!!) are reading.

Ann at Learning as we go shares Habit Training for the Long Haul, where she reflects on the importance of habit training now AND later both for students AND moms.

Tammy at Aut2bhomeincarolina shares her Reflection about Term 1. She summarizes what has passed and talks about how far they've come. Check out some of the pictures of things they've studied!

Instructive posts:

Denise from Let's Play Math
 shares a math post 2015 Mathematics Game with us this month. Here's what she says about it, "Here is a fun puzzle that challenges each player at his or her own level, a chance to help our children glimpse 'the beauty and truth of Mathematics.'"

Cindy West from Our Journey Westward shares with us Easily Add Poetry Recitation to Your Homeschool. She's added poetry and recitation to her son's weekly activities. She's added some video of him reciting to her post so we can see just how sweet he is.

Brandy at Afterthoughts has shared a whole entire series of posts (LUCKY us!), Let's Talk About Notebooks, that I had been wanting to read for a while. Thanks to the carnival, I've finally made time! Among the posts, Brandy shares some very practical tips for getting it done and also a super inspiring guest post by Tammy with tips for reluctant notebookers.

Leah Boden
 shares a refreshing post 5 ways to get your child to engage in the Charlotte Mason method. A lot of what she talks about might be classified as 'atmosphere' and she says it well. And the pictures...! You'll see.

Nadene at Practical Pages shares her post Refreshed Daily Themes in which she talks about how she and her daughter worked together to add new interest to their daily plans. She's even made a printable if you're interested!

Nancy at Sage Parnassus shares Slow and Beautiful Work, in which she inspires us to take a look at the how and why of Charlotte Mason's ideas for copywork.

Patti Lofgren at All Things Bright and Beautiful shares her latest post, John Constable - Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows and (Powerful Spiritual Themes in Chronicles of Narnia, see above). She talks about their current studies on Constable, Mendelssohn and Elizabeth Browning, and also has some book recommendations for art/music study.

Carol at Journey-and-Destination shares Authors for Teens - Part 2: World War 2. She highlights a bunch of books that she recommends for teen readers. Reviews like these are a great help for those of us who have little time or no library access!

Mama Squirrel at Dewey's Treehouse shares Faith and art lessons, on the day of Epiphany (Lydia's Grade Eight). She adapts lesson plans from the PNEU to apply in teaching art lessons for her daughter. She blogs almost every day, so make sure to take a look around. Her blog is an absolute treasure trove on Charlotte Mason education!

More opportunities to hang out together throughout the month:

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival linky!! Please feel free to continue to submit your blog posts throughout the month by linking them up in the linky below. That way, if you forgot to submit a post by e-mail before the deadline, you can do it NOW! We still want to hear from you. :) ALL Charlotte Mason educational posts are welcome!!

Celeste at Joyous Lessons shares An Introduction to Keeping Company in which she invites us to share what we're writing in our commonplace books, nature journals, book of centuries, etc. I LOVE the idea of a link up for notebooking and hope to participate when I can. Click over to read more about what she's planning. The first link up is posted here.

Nature Study Mondays :: LINKup will begin again this month here at Fisher Academy, check back soon.

Please e-mail a link to CM related blog link ups to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com, 
We'd like to feature them here at the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!!

Share more posts throughout the month here:

2015 CMBC changes*:

  • 1 CMBC post / month.
  • CMBC will host a linky that will remain active throughout the month (so you can add more posts!).
  • CMBC will have a facebook page to announce posts ("like" it to receive reminders/announcements via facebook).
  • CMBC will have a permanent home and only go visiting for special occasions (as decided by the poll results)
  • All posts submitted to the CMBC by e-mail before the deadline will be linked to AND one or two will be featured every edition (with a photo & intro), selections will be made at the hostess/editor's discretion. (In this edition, I decided to briefly feature EVERY post submitted, since it's our first time back, but in the future, every post will be linked (in the linky), but not every post will be featured with a blurb. It'll still be good, you'll see. And, it will save the hostess a LOT of time!)

*See the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival Schedule Page soon for more information and a full explanation of changes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CMBC... coming soon!

Look for the CM Blog Carnival here, sometime tomorrow!

And we'll talk about some of the little adjustments we'll be integrating too.

Can't wait!

See you soon!

P.S. I had hoped to post it today, but my day ended up MUCH more full than I expected with a family lunch date and ministry meeting that stretched past dinner time.

I know you understand. We do our best...! ;)

You all are so nice.

Friday, January 9, 2015

About the future of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival...

Currently, we are reevaluating the CMBC to examine how we can improve it; to make it more blogger-friendly and to encourage more blogger/reader participation. It's always most interesting and insightful when there are a variety of posts.

Based on a preliminary poll on facebook, we will continue the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival in 2015! 

The first edition of the year will be posted on January 14th.
Please submit your posts now.
ALL posts in relation to a Charlotte Mason education are welcome.

Up until now, the routine we've followed has been: A reminder e-mail is sent out. Bloggers submit their Charlotte Mason educational blog posts by e-mail to charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com. The links are collected and forwarded to the hostess who previews, arranges and introduces each carnival submission in a blog post of her own. She then sends back the link and the carnival is publicized. This is a somewhat labor intensive process for some involved and we'd like to make it worth everyone's effort.

I'd really like to hear some thoughts about how we can improve and encourage more participation. The general principle certainly applies here: the more the merrier!

Please answer the following questions (check all that apply) and share any comments you might have below.

How can we improve the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival?

 free polls

Ways to help spread the word about the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival:

Use the CMBC logo in the sidebar of your blog and in your carnival posts.

Link the logo back to the CMBC page using this link:

Tell your readers about the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival on your own blog and send a link to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sign up for the CMBC reminder/announcement e-mail list and share a link to the most current carnival edition on your blog.

Share a link to the carnival on facebook.

Any other ideas??

Friday, January 2, 2015

a 2015 ART calendar will be on it's way shortly...

wait, while i have your attention:
will all my fellow bloggers & readers take a few seconds to fill out some poll questions about the charlotte mason blog carnival!?

there are two polls.
together, it shouldn't take more than 2 minutes of your time.
i'd really appreciate the feedback while deciding how the carnival should proceed this upcoming year of 2015.

feel free to take both polls, or the most applicable one... pretty please?!



THANKS ever so much!!

while we're figuring that all out please feel free to submit ANY posts by e-mail to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival as soon as possible to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com


now about that AWESOME 2015 ART calendar!!

as the deadline to let me know you were interested being at midnight last night, i realized i couldn't fairly draw a name on january 1st, while there was still time left to leave a comment... so that's why you didn't hear from me yesterday! maybe you thought i had forgotten! don't worry, we're all good now. heheh.

the winner is:

congratulations!! i KNOW you'll love it!!

please send me an e-mail or fb msg with your mailing address so i can get that on it's way!

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