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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival :: September 2015 :: CMBC

Welcome! For many of you school is newly up-and-running again or is very-soon-to-be!
Cooler weather on the forecast? Oh, yes.
That thrill of pulling new books out and already loved books off the shelf...
New pencils, notebooks, paints...
Lists, lists, and more lists... ah. the glory of it all.

Happy September!


"Give him opportunities of loving and learning, and he will love and learn, for 'tis his nature to.'" vol.2 p71


"The thing best worth living for is to be of use," was well said lately by a thinker who has left us; and the child into whose notion of life that idea is fitted will not grow up to find time heavy on his hands. The life blessed with an enthusiasm will not be dull; but a weight must go into the opposite scale to balance even the noblest enthusiasm. As we have said, open for him some door of natural science, some way of mechanical skill; in a word, give the child an absorbing pursuit and a fascinating hobby, and you need not fear eccentric or unworthy developments. vol.2 p82

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Next month the CMBC will go visiting! We will be generously hosted by Sonya at! Submit your most inspiring blog posts via e-mail to be considered as one of the special features in the October edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival.

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