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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Artist Study: Fra Angelico

Just a bunch of links y'all.

I have NO time for a thoughtful post. I'm just quick stashing these in case they need to be found later.
Of course, if it ends up like other stashes, I won't remember that I stashed them at all and forget to even look here...


I used these links this last week in our intro to Fra Angelico studies. Yes, we're still in Term 1 and just starting artist study. Never mind that technically, the first term was supposed to be done before Christmas break...

F.l.e.x.i.b.i.l.i.t.y is the name of the game around here.

Fra Angelico - Massacre of the Innocents - WGA00610
Massacre of the Innocents, Fra Angelico

It had been a few minutes after passing out the prints so they could get an overall sense of the artist's style of work, when my seven year old spoke up about her painting. She said in a completely nonchalant way, "Mom, mine looks like it's about bunch of people trying to kill babies. Could I have a different one?"

It was funny.
You know, funny in a not funny way. Kinda.


Helpful Links:

for mom.

for kids.

about a fresco.

a story.

This one might be my favorite:

Transfiguration of Christ, Fra Angelico


Kristyn B said...

Amy, glad to know we aren't the only ones in Term ONE. We have been enjoying lots of Fra Angelico as well! We just did the Transfiguration. During the narration, my 8yo said, "and it looks like Moses and Elijah on either side of Jesus". I thought, "hmmm. interesting!" Then when we read about it afterwards (Matthew 17:1-8) he was right! I was quite impressed! What kids pick up along the way is amazing.

Tammy Glaser said...

We did Fra Angelico, too, during our first term. The Transfiguration caused quote a conversation about the floating heads. We are doing Michelangelo now and his admiration of the human body causes giggles and interesting conversation. The funniest moment was a six-year-old boy who did not realize until that moment that we were born naked. He stood up in shock and his face was completely dazed. Picture study is not just picture study. LOL

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