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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nature Walk... call it 'study' if you will :)

Today's Discoveries...

"We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things."  - Charlotte Mason

"The Magic Plant" that shrivels when you touch it.

Now, why do you think it would do that? It's leaves fold up when you touch them!

It is rather shy, I guess.

This comes from the same plant when it's as big as a tree...

This is the 'full-blown' version

...the seed pod?

(close-up of the supposed seed pod)

Here they are ALL on the one branch.


Some other sights:

"The man who is blind to the beauties of Nature has missed half the pleasure of life." 
- Lord Baden-Powell 

Can you find the grasshopper? It's pretty small and camouflaged.

Pretty flower.

Another flower.


Ant house

Looking up... ;)

Footprints... or hoof prints I should say.


"An animal has been made by God just as you have been. He is therefore a fellow creature. He has not the power of speaking our language, but can feel pleasure or pain just as we can, and he can feel grateful to anyone who is kind to him. A Scout is always helpful to people who are crippled or blind or deaf and dumb; so he is good also to these dumb fellow-creatures of ours."  - Lord Baden-Powell


Silvia said...

Well done Amy, "si seƱora", very smart kids, lovely nature by your home, you are blessed.


GiGi said...


michelle said...

We call it the "Sensitive" Plant, but it only grows in the local greenhouse, lol, not wild! What a very neat nature walk. =)

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