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Saturday, August 16, 2008

How I keep plans:

Well, one of the awesome things about AO is that everything is online... just a click away. So, really I just need my reading schedule for the term and I'm set.

But... I am a binder girl. I LOVE three-ring binders, maybe a little too much ;) I have 2 binders for my AO stuff. An AO reference Notebook (has pretty much anything I find and print off the AO website, or other resources) and the AO term Notebook (has all the information I need for the term if not for the entire year). This is divided by subject: History/Timelines (I put the term's timeline figures here to use as needed), Art/Music (prints for the term, Music selections), Nature/Science (resources that I will use for the term), Copywork/Hymns (pre-printed copywork selections and the lyrics to the hymns for the term which we also use for copywork), Shakespeare/Plutarch (nothing here yet), Poetry (term's selections printed from the website) Memory/Recitation (passages we're working on or will work on), and Handiwork/Life Skills (any ideas I find I stash in here).

Normal people would have no need for AO reference notebook because they have reliable internet. I keep it because where we used to live the internet and/or electricity was not always reliable, and I needed to have the info in case I needed it (I also downloaded all the e-books and online content into files on my computer and burned a DVD for each year in case emergency).

AO reference Notebook
AO term Notebook

How I keep records:
I do not keep records other than the boys each keep a personal notebook/portfolio (kept accessible) every year for their loose papers, and we periodically sort through it, keeping only their best work as a reminder to them of what they've studied (& in case anyone asks). Every year, before the new school year, we empty out their notebooks and store only their best and favorites. We put all of this into the BIG binders (these are gigantic 3" binders kept in our office for periodic reminiscent perusal) that have the samples of several past years' work combined. We get rid of everything else by sending artwork to grandparents and throwing the rest away.
personal notebook/portfolio:
This is how I manage to keep the papers
under control around here:



Marybeth Whalen said...

Hey-- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I popped over here to visit and found this post-- which totally cracked me up... have you seen the post I just put up minutes ago?? It's on the very same thing!!

Great minds think alike-- salsa and notebooks... what could be better??

ohhollyf said...

That's impressive !

Cath @ nurturestore said...

Just a line to thank you for your kids art suggestion at - thanks for taking the time. Hope you found something interesting at the blog.

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