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Monday, November 24, 2008


At 8:30pm on Saturday evening Javen and Cullen were heading to bed with both arms full of books... this was not terribly out of the ordinary, except it WAS 1/2 hour past bedtime and they looked ready to spend the night in research for a thesis...
Cullen came to me and said, "Do you know of any more books about dinosuars? Mom, I'm going to look up in EVERY book that we have about dinosaurs. Then Javen and me are going to write everything down. We're going to do all kinds of research!"

2 problems.

First, I'm regularly pretty strict about bedtime, and it was Saturday night, meaning church tomorrow. It was on the tip of my tongue to say so... but I'm SO glad I didn't! They were up for another hour or so, scouring their books. Sunday after church they came back to their studies, and today they are still working on it! Javen has written several pages of notes. Did I mention he's a 10 year old boy? Cullen is 9 and he's become an expert on the Dodo bird.

I am very impressed.

The other problem is, that we don't do unit studies. We have regular stuff to do... you know, interesting stuff. Imagine the scene: It's 10am and 10 & 9 year old boys sitting on the couch buried in books, with their notebooks out and copying down interesting dinosaur facts... We have had a late start and I call to them to get started, "Come on, boys, we've got to do school!" Hahah. Joke's on me. Javen calls back, "Hey mom! We've been doing school all morning! I have to write more about the Lochness monster. I'm going through all the books' indexes looking for the Lochness and then writing stuff down. I've done that for a whole bunch of dinosaurs!"

I was SO impressed, actually that I kind of got into it too :) Here are some links that I thought were worth a second look, so I'm posting them here:

Cool interactive site with lots of different categories of dinosaurs : Genesis Park
Online Audios by Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis
Very cool 20 min. video online about dinosaurs by
Kids 4 Truth Creation video online
Dinosaur quiz by
Article about Behemoth (long, I didn't read it all...)
Bible references to Dinosaurs by



1 comment:

EEEEMommy said...

This is what homeschooling is all about...cultivating a love for learning and independent study. Your efforts have been successful to have produced such enthusiastic researchers! I'm so glad you embraced their spontaneous unit study instead of stressing over what they weren't doing in the meantime!

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