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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Child's History of Art - Hillyer

Okay, I NEED the book "A Child's History of Art."

You know, in the same way I NEED every other book. :)

But I really know nothing of studying art. I'm just learning, and really don't know where to begin to teach my kids... well, okay I could start out where I start researching any subject known to man - I actually have already done that... but I love books best! And this seems like a subject you should read from a book about, not off the computer screen.

That said, I've been all over the internet looking for this book cheaper than $30. Everything I can find is either that expensive, in bad shape and really old, or more expensive, in bad shape and really old. So, I finally found a copy for $15! woohoo! Trouble is there was no description other than Child's History of Art, and there are several books with the same title but with different subtitles meaning they are actually only a part of the book (CHOW: Architecture & CHOW: Painting, for example). So, I went searching to figure out why this copy of the book was only $15 when I kept finding books that were upwards of $70!

Well, when I was searching I found it! There's a copy free online! Jackpot!

Now, why didn't anyone tell me this before I spent all this time searching?!

Without further ado... please go here and print yourself a copy too!
***Apparently, this book has been removed from  
I'm thinking it's probably because of copyright issues...  I'm sorry about that.***

A Child's History of the World by V.M. Hillyer

I just made my own day! :)


PS. You can buy the book for around $25 at or
There is also a full course based on the text (includes the text) offered by Calvert School HERE.


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Unknown said...

You're awesome! Thanks for sharing. You made my day, too! Peace. MJ

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been looking for a copy of The Child's History of Art to use for our home school. However, when I tried to site you mentioned, the book was only available in "daisy" format for print-disabled members. Is there any way you could send me a copy of your digital download?
C in Virginia, USA

amy in peru said...

Sorry all! I'm afraid this download is no longer available. I actually printed it off some time ago and don't know if I even still have the file.


Friederike said...

I also downloaded the book and started to print the first part of it ,that includes pictures, but then only saved the version that has no pictures. So I only have the one w/o the pictures and trying to find the pictures for it w/o paying a lot. I also was sad that it is not available for free anymore. Thanks and Blessings Friederike

Beth said...

Hey, Amy! I'm searching for A Child's History of Art, and when I googled it, guess who showed up? :) Just thought I'd drop you a line and say, "Hello!" Remember me? We met at the ChildLight conference. Hope all's well with you in OR or Peru...?

Beth Ann

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