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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress - Progreso del Peregrino

Our lives following Christ are exactly like this book describes! I can't believe how true to life it is and how it remains relevant in spite of being written in the 1600's! It is because they are spiritual truths contained within... not ever-changing cultural norms.
Oh the pleasure.

This single book has had a LOT of impact in our family's collective spiritual life.
I read this when I was quite young and I still remember some of the parable/illustrations from WAY back then! My husband read it when he was a little older, and it was one of those instrumental books in his spiritual development early on in those pre-missionary preparatory days (not that we don't do the same things now! the impact was just greater the first time!). Sensing its worth, he has subsequently over the years, read it aloud to our two older boys several times through at bedtime. He uses a revised, but unabridged version, that retains much of the beautiful old English. Last year, the boys read independently a simplified version as catch up from AOY3 (we were in the US and the book was here in Peru, so we postponed their individual reading of it as they had clearly had exposure to the book). We did not have them narrate (only periodically discussed) the reading from the old English... but they did narrate every section when they read independently.

I've read it so many times, and I'm still not tired of it! In fact, writing this post whets my appetite for another dose!

Whenever we want to, you and I can come right here and watch this little video that reminds us of the wonderful truths contained in this book. (We actually own this video in español on VHS, but it is here in English on in 4 parts.)

Part two
Part three
Part four

Here's AmblesideOnline's page on Pilgrim's Progress studies. You'll find links to the text divided into reading selections over 36 or 72 weeks for easier implementation in your AO homeschool.

Coloring Pages! My littles LOVE to color while they are listening! Click here for TONS of downloadable .pdfs

Online version (to print):

From Christian Classics Ethereal Library in a .txt file
In one word syllables: FREE from, paraphrase by Lucy Aikin

Free Audio versions:
In English: {in a 12+ part download, part two of Christiana is also available} {in a 12+part download, part two of Christiana is also available}
En Español: {in a 5 part download}
and at {in a 17 part download}

What we used:

The boys read independently the Abeka books version that has discussion questions at the end of each section. And our unabridged version was something like one of the following, I will update the link to the exact book if it is available when I can get my hands on the ISBN#.

Kindle version:

Someday Items:

I hope this book comes to mean as much to your family as it does to ours!


Living In Grace said...

We love Pilgrims progress. We have also read it to the kids for a bed time story and they could not get enough. Then I had Brendan read it this year in his literature study. The version he read is called Dangerous Journey, the story of Pilgrim's Progress. It was a beautiful book with great pictures the kids love looking at the pictures. I would definately reccomend it. :)
Lisa Fugere

Phyllis said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on this old post.

How do you work in the Spanish version? I'm trying to decide how we'll do Pilgrim's Progress in our family with two languages. I asked about it on the AO list here, and I'd love to know if you have any more input. Thanks!

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