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Monday, January 18, 2010

The writing begins

A 7 year old non-writer turns writer in a matter of moments.

bria's writing

This is how it happened...

She was inspired as she watched Daddy, Javen and Cullen putting down on paper their still fresh memories experiences of last week's river trip.  They were journaling.

Previously she would sound out and write her own name plus other three word combinations like, mat, cat, sat, rat, dad, mom. Well, that and she copied words from everywhere... from Christmas cards to picture Bibles.  Her language study has consisted of being read aloud to and over the last several months we've been working on reading practice using Blend Phonics materials.  For some time we've been working on Spell to Write and Read's phonograms, of which she now knows all the basic phonograms and has a good grasp of many of the multi-lettered phonograms as well as many of the spelling rules.

But she didn't write until yesterday :)

Oh, girls are different than boys! She would attempt her first journal entry with a word like 'electricity'.  She sounded it out and then asked, is there a K after ele, or a /K-S/ (c),  and then again, /K-S/ (c) or just /s/ here at the end?  She had it all except the tricky /k/ and /s/ sounds.  Wow!

So, yesterday she decided to write her own journal.
So, yesterday we began to be writers :)

playing school, writing

I use these word cards for reading practice found at Download your own pdf copy of the Blend Phonics Decoding Cards. One of these days I'll write a post on our early reading practice... :)


Jeanne said...

Super fantastic work there, Miss Seven!!

Jennifer said...

WOW! Did you seriously print out all of those word cards from don potters? (488 pages worth!) How do they mesh with SWR & CM's reading lessons? Do you have most of the words you need for any lesson using them? Did you laminate or anything?

Thanks! :) Jen

amy in peru said...

Yep, I printed off a chunk at a time (a hundred pages at a time or so). I printed them booklet style and then spiraled bound them... so the book ended up being about half a page size and about 2 inches thick! ;)

amy in peru said...

PS. e-mail me for more info... ;)

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