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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do you haiku?

We made our first group attempt at writing poetry today.  We started with haiku.  It isn't very hard to do relatively quickly, but certainly difficult to do well! 

I illustrated it to my kids making up a haiku of my own showing how to count the syllables:

five syllables start
seven go in the middle
five more finish it.

Here's my first attempt:

Sun shining outright
his rays consume the dew drops
waking up the earth.

HOW-to Haiku 
This site has some good simple tips and several printable worksheets (if you're into that :)

Will you Haiku... too? 
Participate in a contest!  It ends this weekend on Sunday, March 7th.  Click over there to read our entries... Amy, Javen & Cullen.

PS. I'm really sorry I didn't get this up in time for you to work on your entries!!!  My computer has gone out... read here and here.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Haiku was a recent study at our house as well. It's amazing how such a simple formula can make the plainest of words seem complexly beautiful.

Richele said...

we haiku as well
counting syllables brings forth
a dance for the tongue

Ruthanne said...

I can not do haiku. Seriously.

I'm haiku challenged!

it is difficult
for me to write poetry
did I do this right

My proof. LOL!

Silvia said...

What's up, Amy? I'm waiting for a new post! I saw you commenting on A peaceful day, a great blog.

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