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Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting ready for Easter...

"The great Easter truth is not that we are to live newly after death - that is not the great thing - but that... we are to, and may, live nobly now because we are to live forever."

-- Phillips Brooks
Because I live, you also will live. 
-- Jesus

What an opportunity we as Christian parents have to pay special attention to the cornerstone of our faith, the Resurrection!  I'm really thrilled, and would have posted this earlier if I'd had the chance.  But anyone who is interested still has time to check out the following links and download a couple hymns and worship songs to share with your family.  This year, during this upcoming week between Palm Sunday (tomorrow) and Easter Sunday, we will be doing Holy Week Devotions for the Family by Mikko Gibson.  I also picked up her FREE Lenten Tree and Activities Book, which has a lot of super easy ideas to implement over Lent (which is almost over this year).  I'm really quite pleased to have something to focus our hearts on our Savior this month especially while we are somewhat distracted lately by traveling.  Enjoy the Life we have in Christ!

Art: lists art work by biblical theme and text.
Here are the pages with artwork on the Passion, the Resurrection and Ascension.
The links on Olga's list are similar.

A few of my favorite pieces of  art...
Gethsemane - Barocci (
Christ in the Hall of Caiphas - Benjamin West ( 
The Crucifixion - Geertgen tot Sint Jans (
Ascension (shown above) - William Blake (

Ascension - Benjamin West (
The Ascension - Rembrandt (

Helpful links:
Click HERE- for AO Easter Hymn suggestions - I appreciate this concise list, because it includes mostly hymns I am already familiar with...

Didn't find the one you were looking for?  Find an extensive list of Easter hymns at - includes midis and lyrics. 

I'm really excited about this British site I just found!  Family Worship has several worship songs with an Easter theme, and they include the mp3 with sheet music for free download.  I also printed off the script to several dramas that I plan to use with the kids at home.  Apparently, they also give away a free song everyday?  cool.  I love free.
Hungry for more?  You will find a HUGE list of Christian Easter resources, including the Bible's stories, children sermons, music and poetry on king's kids stuff.
And just for fun, a link that I would NEVER recommend using in real-life for Easter event planning... major fluff and twaddle if I ever saw it!!  Just so you know what I WILL NOT be using as a reference... heheh.

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Silvia said...

Hi Amy,
We don't see Easter the same, but I'm glad you have a NEW POST, friend.

So you've been traveling...take care and keep updating.

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