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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What does SWR stand for?

Spell to Write and Read.
Where does one begin when trying to describe such a comprehensive language program?!  If you are looking for Spelling/Grammar/Writing/etc program to meet ALL your needs... check it out!  seriously.
I guess the name sums up the theory and very succinctly, the practice too:

Spell (using the 70 basic phonograms + spelling rules)
       to Write (using as many senses as possible, including but not limited to writing)
                and Read (the goal is to have EXCELLENT, well-rounded readers!).

So how does it work?
A child masters the single letter phonograms before beginning the program.
The parent dictates a list of 20 words a week (for the youngest children) or 2 lists/wk with a grand total of 40 words for the older kids.
Dictation includes distinguishing syllables, think-to-spell pronunciation, finger spelling, writing from memory (visualization), seeing it written, analyzing spelling rules and making appropriate markings to illustrate. 
*(Even though you can use the material itself for copywork, I like to use the SWR word lists to select assignments from Spelling Wisdom!)

Ahem.... Here I'm doing finger spelling.
I know, you thought I was a rapper and showing my special sign, right? 
Also, please take notice of my special hair thing...

Which words does it teach?
The lists are arranged from a study of the most commonly used words in the English language.
Each word is accompanied by a sentence from classic literature, the Bible or from famous quotes, in order for the student to learn it in a context.

Parent Support:
There is an e-mail support group, there are workshops for the parent to learn how to better use the program (which I HIGHLY recommend attending) in many different States all year round.

Is it CM friendly?
Hmmm.  If you can assure me that the CM and/or AO police are not reading this blog, then I can say... yes and no.  It doesn't follow her language lessons exactly, but it can be very adaptable.  It would take a whole post to prove that!  :)   If she were alive today, I honestly think she would be impressed with the curriculum!  ;)

Here are several reviews:
Cathy Duffy top 100 picks
Britta McColl - SWR trainer, and my self-proclaimed mentor :)
(Britta also has a blog that has SUPER helpful posts!)

Don't worry... this was their own idea.
They were having some difficulty keeping quiet though ;)

The program is intended for use from K-12, so for less than $100 you get the kit that will set you up for life!  The books are available separately, but honestly, you need the whole kit... and it's WORTH it!

Check prices and purchase:

Buy from
& I get a commission!
Buy from Morning Star Learning
and receive support from Britta!
Check out the publisher's
website for a list of
all SWR materials available!

I posted a LONG time ago about SWR after having attended a Basic Training course in Minnesota with Britta McColl... have a peek of that here.

And just for fun, I took a video when one day when I was teaching my littlest littles how to write their basic phonograms in cursive (yes we use Cursive First as well).  We're doing full body writing of the letters... works REALLY well with wiggly kiddos!  (don't make fun of me!! ;)


Richele said...

Now I know! Thanks for the comprehensive description of your comprehensive language program.

I'm also impressed with those multi-purpose clips...and your full-body cursive...and your energy level...and just how clean your floors are.

Oh, and a huge sigh of relief that you are teaching your children spelling and not gangsta signs. It would have been awkward for me to comment had it been the latter.

amy in peru said...


you are so FUNNY!

I can't help still smiling... :)

Melissa said...

If I were the CM/AO police, I would put out an APB for the smooth momma with the fly grammar moves.
Lead suspect: Gangsta Ames!
Current location: Peru
Status: Armed and dangerous with some wicked finger spelling maneuvers

North Laurel said...

My mother in law used Writing and Spelling Road to Reading with all of her kids (she homeschooled) and also has been a tutor, using the same program, for over 25 years now. Back when she first discovered the program it was called Writing Road to Reading.
It is the same idea but different publisher (?). Anyway, I have the books and phonograms and whatnot, just have never actually 'figured it out'. By that I mean, I haven't taken the time needed to read how to do it :)
I know it definitely works though. I've seen many who otherwise would not have done well with reading or writing. Anyway... :)

amy in peru said...

the Writing Road to Reading is by Spalding. Wanda Sanseri, the author of SWR studied under Spalding (I believe). There are several curriculums that have resulted from different people prepared by Spalding herself if I understand the history of it correctly :) In grade school, my 3-5th grade teachers used the Writing Road to Spelling (I believe that is what it was, if not it was a more primitive version of SWR...?) which is amazingly similar to what I use now. I have always attributed my success and interest in language to those good beginnings... :)
That's fun that you know someone who swears by the method! ;)
and you're right! it is a VERY good remedial program as well...


Jennifer said...

Hi Amy!

I just started a conversation about SWR & CM over on my (brand new) blog. I would love your input!

:) Jen

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