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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

education... a masterpiece.

a CM education is like an Impressionist painting… Up close all the living books might seem a little messy like looking at a lot of individual brush strokes… but leave it to the children and keep on painting… adding more and more strokes (books and ideas and experiences). When the painting is done, they’ll stand back having had relationship with the world around them, making connections between what they’ve read and real life experience… and from that point of view, they’ll be left gazing at a most amazing masterful education…


Silvia said...

This is very inspiring...I just needed to hear this. I saw your comment at Jamie's after I commented, so I did not mention that your metaphor was exquisite, and what's best, TRUE, ha ha ha.

Amy, you are truly an inspiration.
I'm always having doubts, I just typed a long mail to Nancy that she'll reply later when she can, and I'm thinking I may also ask you the same.


(Check your email, and give me your op. when you have time)

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Glad you put it here. It deserves its own post.

Sarah said...

Yes, I just love this! Great explanation for a CM education! xxx

Dove's Rest said...

What a beautiful analogy. I've loved all your posts. Once again you have inspired me with a simple effective peice of art. Great CM explanation. Blessings, Renelle

Laura Grace Weldon said...

What a perfect metaphor. You've really hit on something that expresses life with children as well. Only when we stand back---either for a wider perspective or after a period of years---do we see the full beauty of their unique gifts unfolding.

Opening up your blog page always opens me up too. Thank you!

Debbie said...

Hi there!
I'm your newest follower...I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful things you are doing with your young children.
I'm a fan of Charlotte Mason too! Our children are teens now but Charlottes methods are still very much with us in our day to day homeschooling lives. Art and Nature study have been the educational foundation from which I started our two young sprouts. I've entered in your upcoming C.M.carnival and have linked my post to your blog.
Happy CREATIVE homeschooling...

Martine said...

Hi Amy,
Love this post! We are just painting the first strokes at our home :). I started reading poetry at 'snack time'. We are reading A.A. Milne (in Dutch) and the kids seem to enjoy it. They have a week off from school and they enjoy being home (and I like to have them around).
See you soon,

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