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Thursday, October 7, 2010

how to go weekly...

How to make a weekly list using the Ambleside Online curriculum...

...notice I use my AO list to note groceries, and new guitar chords I'm learning too ;)

I need lists.  I need to see what needs to be done, as well as be encouraged seeing what's been finished!  Lists are wonderful!  However, if the list is too long, or too boring, or poorly organized it does me NO good.  I make lots of lists, but the one I use absolutely MOST often is my AO weekly list!  :)

Get a hold of the Term Schedules:

First of all, we are spoiled rotten because of the files AmblesidOnline is coming out with VERY SOON (*edited 4/9/2013) for EVERY AO year in both .pdf and .doc format! You will be able to find all these schedules at or on the forum. I print a copy of the entire year for my Homeschool Planning Day every year and use it extensively in my planning throughout the year.

The same information is available on the AO site for every year.  You'll see the pages for the booklists and the schedules for each year.  But, that long list is SO overwhelming for me... having to find my place each week, and oh me oh my...  I'm so thankful for the Term Schedules!

Here's an idea of what you'll be looking for in minuscule version :)

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Basically, what we have here is all the AO subjects/readings for year 2 plotted out by week (horizontally), and books/subjects (vertically).  In a lot of cases it even has the readings broken up.  Sometimes not, it depends on the book because there are different versions available, so you can easily just count the pages in your book and evenly divide it up over the term.

I used to just have a print out of this glued to my forehead handy at all times and crossed everything off as we read/narrated.  It has blank fields for you to add in assignments for math, language arts, foreign language, handiwork, etc.  This was a really easy way to go in year one and two even.  But increase the number of children = the result is more complicated...

SO.  I personally need to limit what I see.  Too much information leaves me feeling quite swamped and overwhelmed.  Which leads me in the direction (finally) this post is supposed to be going; the need for a weekly list.

Converting to a weekly list:

The idea is to basically just transfer all the information from one week at a time from the Term Schedule (or from the AO Schedules online), to fit our daily routine.  I fill out this weekly list each term so that I have 12 weeks done ahead of time.  This is my main task each Homeschool Planning Day.  Transferring the information to a weekly list, counting off pages, filling in the assignments for the other subjects, etc.

If you need help figuring out, or putting order to your daily routine, I highly recommend Managers of Their Homes (MOTH), which was vital early when I was first beginning juggling of days. :)

My weekly list incorporates time frames that normally (hah!) work for us... but we are SUPER flexible.  It's there as a guide, nothing more.  Mainly, I work from the following schedule as a list of what I have to accomplish that day.  Here's an example (sorry it's not super clear).

You'll notice the little checkboxes!  These help me keep track of what everyone's doing and done.  :) I'm such a listy girl :)  Basically, a LOT of the information on this list is just transcribed from Judy's Term Schedules pictured above. I put in every assignment and every reading, the exact page numbers so that not only they know what to read, but I know what they're reading (so that I can stay ahead in the readings, if desired, and so that I can know what they are to narrate).

Every 4 weeks I print off the two older boys and myself a booklet of 4 weeks worth (4 pages) of their weekly assignments.  I print it off using booklet format on my computer and it ends up looking something like this:

Imagine that middle gray as a fold ;)

Of course, I had to go and make a fun version for my seven year old girl to check off her assignments as well, here's a peek at hers (she doesn't have all the page numbers on her assignments because for the most part, we're still doing most of her readings together out loud... they are detailed out on the weekly list pictured above):

Now, I could go on FOREVER about my routine, schedule, weekly list... but I'll stop and see if there are any questions.  If there are, I'll be happy to elaborate  ;)  If not, I'll be satisfied knowing that this post covered everything you wanted to know about how to make a weekly list for multiple children doing Ambleside Online!!   heheh.  ;)

I did make a blank weekly list that someone may be interested in using as a guide in making your own weekly list... it's here:

(right click the image and select Save As... to save the full-size pdf file to your computer)
and here's a zip file of the pdf and doc version :)


Silvia said...

Amy, you are heaven sent, yes I'm interested. Your schedules are already tugged in my documents. I'm getting ready for next fall with Natalia.
I love the list you did for Bria.

I'm still working on figuring out some things, but I know much of it will happen by doing it. However, I have it easy, I only have two, one will be seven and I'll be two years doing AO with her alone before her sister jumps into year 1, so if I don't figure it out "no tengo perdón" como decimos en mi tierra.
Much hugs, kisses, and we did something fun, we open and explored pumpkins at the park, and we are about to read some good findings from our visit to the library.
Does Bria enjoy the AO readings for the most part? Are you still with MEP 2. I'm still with MEP 1, and a complementary book in Sp. I was given, and with many math games that go along with the concept, but I'm thinking also about purchasing some Singapore next year unless you tell me that MEP 2 is good. I find MEP one from the middle to the end a bit to isolated on some things and I was hoping for a bit broader scope of things presented, but I may have overlooked at it.

Silvia said...

tugged or tucked? I mean 'guardaditos'

amy in peru said...

hilarious Silvia. I knew what you meant... yes, it's tucked ;)

Bria LOVES the readings. ALL of them, except she's a little more reticent about the ones she has to read herself. I think she'd rather not do the work... :)

MEP is going well. We are in y1 still and also y4 and y5. We do like it better than anything else I've used. I'm really feeling at home with it. I like to stick with something once I've gotten the hang of it. :)

thanks for your kind comments :)

Silvia said...

That's the point..."she'd rather not do the work". I'm there with you. Lately I've been thinking and there are some things that they have to do even if they don't like them, but with the other things they love, I think it makes up for a good balance.

However it's reassuring to hear with Bria of 7 you do MEP y1. I was doing the concept orally and with manipulatives or games, maybe when we start AO1 next year, we can pick up MEP the work pages where we left them.

Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend.

Melissa Wild said...

This was VERY helpful, thank you so much. We are not new HSers but are new to CM this year with a YR6,3 and 1. I am in the midst of trying to schedule everyone and I was stuck.

Do you have tips on how you schedule YOUR time with the kids? When do you teach math, do read alouds, listen to narrations, dictate, etc. without being pulled in many directions?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

By His Grace,
preparing to move to Romania or Switzerland - the LORD knows ;)

Richele said...

Look at you! Those pages are sewn together, right? Just don't tell me you made the paper yourself.

As always, I'm impressed even though we're no longer really amblin'. They are in my top five pick of CM resources.

amy in peru said...

Of course you weren't able to see my stitches because they are so neat and tidy... ;)

Don't you make your own paper?!


Martine said...

Hi Amy,
A little late, but I do have a question (I am raising my finger, miss) ;-). When you have everything ready, your schedules for the term and the weekly schedules - how much time do you then still need to prepare for the daily 'lessons' (e.g. spelling tests, math lesson) and other activities (e.g. handicrafts, other projects)? And when do you do that - once a week, or daily?

Stacy said...

Thank you for all of your practical organizational ideas for AO. I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog!

This will be my first year of schooling more than one child using AO and I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed about how I was going to achieve that-- I'm such a visual person (and SUCH a list girl, too!) and seeing your lists/schedules has made it seem doable and even FUN. :)

Thanks again.

Blessings to you and yours...

Jessica Gonzalez said...

Thanks so much, once again your website has blessed and refreshed me. I found Judy Elliot's schedule here after searching for almost and hour on the forum.

amyinperu said...

jessica! i'm glad you came by! i will let you in on a little secret... judy elliot's schedules are quite out of date, but AmblesideOnline will be updating and making similarly styled charts available VERY soon on the site! announcements will be made on the forum when they are up. which year are you looking for specifically?

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