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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival {end of summer edition}

Are you all ready for another spin around the carnival?!

We have lots of wonderful variety seeing as this time around the theme is 'Whatever Strikes Your Fancy'. Of course you will understand how perfectly fitting then that the photo decorations will be as whatever strikes my fancy. Probably flowers, because I love taking pictures of flowers. But then again, you never can tell... :) However, the first person to come up with *the one word I was thinking* when I put the pictures together, will win a prize! I have a pile of books that I've been itching to give away...


Nancy Kelly presents:
"Degrees of Separation" or "Your Child's Future Sanity" & Avoid the Grooves - Shift That Paradigm (We get a double dose of Nancy this time around! yay!)

Barb presents:
Back to School - Making High School Fit Your Student & Homeschool Science: Things I Would Do Differently (and double Barb too!)

Ritsumei presents Nature: Puppies N Chicks

Shannon in WV presents Narration: You Mean It’s Not Just about a Book?

Michelle presents:
When to Begin Formal Lessons & Sharing ArtWhat Is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum? & Are the Arts Important in Education?
(whoa! quadruple whammy!! Michelle'd win the prize for most posts if there'd been one!!)

Nikki Olivier presents A walk in the wetlands. "...falling in love with the outdoors!"

Shirley Ann Vels presents:
Appreciating Art - Appreciating Charlotte Mason's Method! & Fun, Sun, Water and a Bit of History to Boot! (yay! double Shirley!)

Lindafay presents Charlotte Mason Help: How We Organize Memory Work

Lanaya presents A Few Things I'm Learning From Miss Mason

Grace'n'Chaos presents Books & Things and Some Mother Culture

Denise presents The (Mathematical) Trouble with Pizza

Jenny presents Books & Things and Some Mother Culture.

Kathy Livingston presents Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities.

Tricia Hodges presents Lily Pad: A Pastels Tutorial.

Jeanne presents Folksongs in the nursery.

Serena presents Circle Time.

Sarah presents Setting Up Shop.

Chris McGinn presents Mondays with Miss Mason?Starting with ?A?.

At Fisher Academy Int'l, we haven't yet started school officially as we are just now really finishing up last year after our summer travels. We will be diving right into next year however, just as soon as we get to Peru (we school year round).

What are your plans? How many of you have started already? Will you start next week? Or later?

Everyone always asks, "How do you plan and organize a CM education?". So let's have a look...  
The theme of the next issue of the carnival is:  
Organization / Planning on 9/13/11

Suggested Reading:
PR Articles:
Concentration of Purpose in Education
Mental Equilibrium

PS. Do you have a guess for *the one word I was thinking* when I put together the pictures for this post? Leave a comment... and the first one to guess can choose a free book from my giveaway box. :)


Nancy Kelly said...

This looks great - I've missed the CM blog carnival and hope to participate on a more regular basis. Thanks for putting this together - I know how busy you've been! I don't know what word you were thinking of, but I'll guess "blessings". For me, it's been kind of the "summer of Amy" - can you believe how many times we were together? Especially since we were "strangers" until April. What a joy to look back and see what God did for me in meeting you and your family.

Sursum Corda,

P.S. - Thanks for including my posts!

Unknown said...

Great carnival.. perhaps I *should* win a prize for that quadruple whammy.. something to consider anyway.
*agrees with self*

LOL j/k! Can't wait to go through all the posts!

Unknown said...

Is the word "summer", "nature" or "outdoors" by any chance?

Serena said...

Thanks for including my post in the carnival. I'm looking forward to reading through the posts over the next two weeks.
My guess for the word you were thinking of is 'vacation'. The photos actually had me thinking of a bunch of words. They are lovely. :)

Leah said...

Nice to see you back! I have no idea. I think Serena's guess of "vacation" was pretty good.


Shirley-Ann said...

Wow! Thanks for a wonderful carnival Amy - can't wait to work my way through it. I love your pictures. The words 'Summer' and 'Bliss' are evoked in my mind :o)

Deedee said...

Great carnival Amy! I think the word is 'summertime'. :o)

Bonnie said...

Hi Amy ~~ loved this and all the links. I sent it out to our local CM group.
I'm thinking upon " A Something IN a summer day--" by Emily Dickinson which is not one word : Nature!

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for all the encouragement.

Bonnie said...

Here's another part of a poem:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
~ T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding, FOUR QUARTETS

Jenny said...

Thanks Amy, I really enjoy this carnival. I can't wait to read everyone's posts. Looks like you've had a great summer, wonderful pictures.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy,

I'm guessing "water"


Kathy said...


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I'm with Kathy, I was thinking BLUE. :)

North Laurel said...

JUST got done going through all the submissions and they were all GREAT! Gleaned much from them.
Thank you for the time you put into this :) It is much appreciated!

(just a side note: the second selection of suggested PR articles is stretching my brain and I don't know why! Perhaps I lack concentration...perhaps.)

Unknown said...

Coming in late but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading the entries to the carnival...trying to get back to school here in our world.

Seems empty with only one official student...sigh.

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