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Monday, October 8, 2012

Nature Study Mondays - October

So, I'd really like to continue Nature Study Monday posts as a place to collaborate and compile nature study love and inspiration... but I'm still trying to figure out a feasible format for blogging it, the most do-able for me, and at the same time, fun and helpful for everyone. I've decided to post Nature Study Monday posts on a monthly basis for now. I'll link all my nature study posts for October here, to this very post  (hopefully every Monday!) and I'd love it if you linked up to your posts in the comments too! Just bookmark this post and come back all month long. Maybe even someday I'll get all high tech and add a linky ;)

Share your October nature journal entries, your nature photos and nature experiences right here! 
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Celeste Cruz said...

I just posted about our weekly nature study outing: 

We usually meet at a creek or lake or somewhere more nature-study-friendly ;)  But this morning we just met at a local neighborhood park and were surprised at how many little treasures we found! 

Amy Tuttle said...

found this AWESOME nature journal post via pinterest...

my only caveat: VERY good ideas. don't be overwhelmed though, not everyone is this artistically talented. still, the ideas are too fabulous!

Amy Tuttle said...

in case that link doesn't work for some reason for someone else, here it is again:

Naomi G said...

What a fun idea Amy! Not a whole lot to this post, but it's our latest:
Naomi in CA

Celeste Cruz said...

Wow--I love those layouts!  Great inspiration...I'm already thinking about trying out some of these this week. :)

amyinperu said...

i REALLY love looking at other people's journals & nature studies.
and maybe having somewhere to share will inspire us to do more?! here's hoping! ;)

Amy Tuttle said...

another great post!

Celeste Cruz said...

One last October nature study post -

Angela and I are going through Volume 1 on the blog right now and I am bogged down in the nature study chapter--in a good way.  Trying to soak in all the suggestions, the vision CM has of the relationship we should have with nature, and how our study of it should look.  I have read these sections before, but I'm really struck by it all this time around.

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