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Monday, August 26, 2013

What I learned this summer... with pictures!!

This summer I had the enormous pleasure and privilege to find myself stateside in attendance of several Charlotte Mason retreats, with some shopping and visits on the side. How kind and longsuffering my husband is to have taken care of things back home in Peru so I could have a couple of weeks of ‘mommy break’ as he calls it!

Among the interesting gems I have laid hold of this summer are: the importance of the manual hand work of Sloyd in early education; the place and importance of Mathematics, as well as it’s proper instruction; and how to take Science out of the box even in the upper years, getting the student to ask the questions. And perhaps outstanding amongst the others, the idea of being fully present and living fully wherever one is, struck home once again.

Read more... HERE.

P.S. My arm may be twisted to blog about and/or link to those interesting gems... I will try and see what I can do.  :)


Sarah Jeffery said...

How wonderful that you were able to go and be blessed. I am looking forward to hearing more about from other fellow homeschoolers. Maybe one day, I might be able to go to one of these retreats, OR hold one where I am in our accommodation. I don't know, but my Lord Jesus knows. :)

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Twist, twist...:)

Richele Baburina said...

Look at all those beautiful smiles, breathtaking scenery, comfy spots, robust coffee, and a twin-sandwich to boot! Well, Amy, for better or for worse, we are friends and

Melissa said...

What an amazing summer you had! :)

amyinperu said...

i. am. SO. blessed. to call you friend.
and yes! super comfy spots! next time i come, we are going to share more of those! :)
and i love twin sandwiches. i bet you've made a LOT of those over the years.

amyinperu said...

:) i will do my best. it all depends on how well i'm able to keep real life in balance! as long as my husband doesn't throw me for too many crazy loops (we live an exciting life, ya know?!); i am determined to make it work! ;)

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