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Monday, February 10, 2014

Nature Study Monday: Squashing Discoveries {NSM!}

The {Nature Study Monday} link up is for ANY nature study-ish blog post written at any time during the current month. Which means, when you submit your link, it will show up in every. single. {NSM} post. during the whole month! Oh, and be not confused, feel free to link up on any day, be it Monday or not! 

Look what I discovered! Lots of leaves, blooms and several squashes in the making!

Of course, the kids have seen all of this LONG ago and have been making spontaneous daily reports.
It's just me that's finally gotten out to have a good long look *with* my camera. :)
Thankfully, Siah (9) was with me and could point out ALL the particulars.

Discovery, check. Daily observation, check. Pictures, check. More study to come...
For now, be especially encouraged by Jeanne's carrot studies. Check them out!!

Snag a button if you wanna! :)
I hope you'll come back and share your nature studies with us this month!


Phyllis said...

I love squash plants! For some reason, I think they are so pretty.

amyinperu said...

me too, phyllis!!! super gorgeous!

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