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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah. ah. ahhh... PLUTARCH!! ...bless you! *UPDATE!*


Plutarch is now available for FREE on kindle!

I just love my kindle.

Here it is in three volumes:

You may or may not want to read the previous Plutarch post in search of seemingly elusive cheap audio... it was rather confusing and hair-brained :)  so maybe you'd better not go... ;)

*Image courtesy of GoFish


North Laurel said...

:) It's fun to search, eh?
I have them from Gutenberg listed on my compiling blog but I like Amazon for downloading books to the Kindle- just seems so much easier, no? I wonder why Volume 2 isn't free...?

Richele said...

Um, so now when I come over and want to browse (ie snoop) around to see what's on your bookshelves what am I to do? One can't really just pick up someone's Kindle and nonchalantly start scrolling about.

Deedee said...

They have plutarch on as well. I think it is the entire thing as it is over 2,000 pages long and it is free for the whole thing. Thought this might help! But thanks for so many great tips lately for my kindle. Between you and Jimmie it has a new lease of life! I had been struggling to find the free books and was beginning to think it was a mistake as the pdf books I had are so hard to read on it. Now it is working beautifully! Yeah! I love my kindle again too! :o)

amy in peru said...

Uh, let me just print you off a copy of this 45 page spreadsheet...

thanks Deedee... I'm glad you posted that link here, that way other people will find it! It sure is helpful when we all work together to share! I think I definitely DO prefer to have it all in ONE volume. ;)


laurke said...

the kindle links are all broken now :(

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