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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Up a creek...

One of our favorite times each week is when we get ourselves up a creek... ;)

Now, you may notice the glaring face in the center... they get kind of annoyed when they're headed for 
something interesting and I make them stop and take a group picture... c'mon mom!!!

I like it if we can get out several times a week for nature study, but at the VERY least, we have one nature walk scheduled every week.  Some time back, around the end of last school year, we changed up our schedule a bit.  We are now going on our walks on Fridays... I need to change that little box in my sidebar... hmmm.  yeah.

Well, for our nature walks, this is what we do...
1) We go out our front door,
2) we walk either west or in a southwesterly direction,
3) we notice stuff,
4) we look very closely
5) we ask ourselves questions about what we see.

Now, that's not all that hard is it?  Nope.  Easy-peasy-nice-and-cheesy as my kids have been heard to say once or twice or seventy-five thousand times, take your guess. Once we get home we do our sketches and fill in an entry in our nature journal/sketch books.

Now, sometimes, like lately, we've been getting a little bored trodding the common path... even though we can depend on seeing something new every time.  So, sometimes we toss things up a bit... like this week.  We got ourselves up a creek... and boy were we ever glad.  I think we'll do it again real soon.  Micah even came with us for a rare treat!  Here are some pictures from this week's walk, enjoy!


Leslie said...

Great photos! I really like the colorful dragonflies and the unusual looking flowers. Looks like a great walk! (How could it not be with a creek involved???) :)

sarah said...

AWESOME family picture, great composition, love the staggering and if it was all by chance then you take whatever is given to you and roll with it, right or right?

Melissa said...

time out-of-doors.
is my favorite thing!

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I love the plants you found!

Diane said...

I like to walk and notice the little things and I hope I get to go on a walk with you some time soon..

Michelle said...

great shots!

Richele said...

What's that blue and pink flower on the right in the last photo?

Richele said...

...and I love your daughter's field bag!

Pamela said...

I love your photos of your nature walks. They remind me of visiting my family that lives in Costa Rica, and yearn for another visit.
Enjoy your beautiful family and the wonders of nature around you.

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