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Sunday, April 11, 2010

AOy5 Term 3 Planning Day

Yesterday and today I've been cramming to get this upcoming term planned.  We are about a week and a half later getting back from the coast than we had planned and we are scheduled to begin Ambleside Online's y5 Term 3... TOMORROW!!  Yikes. :S 

Yesterday was my official Homeschool Planning Day
(it was supposed to be last week... but I mentioned that already didn't I?)

Not only that but I have exactly 12 weeks in which to finish the 12 week term.  Margin for error = 0.

Can I just say that my adreniline was actually pumping as I was finishing up preparations last night?!  Oh but I came to realize that was nothing to get excited about, because as I was going over my calendar figuring and such - I realized that in addition to the 3rd term of AOy5, I have to start AOy1 with my 7yo tomorrow too!  I just 'bout fainted dead away.

So, today I've been scrambling.  I was planning to unofficially start AOy1 back in January, but was distracted by upwards of a thousand other things.  We've been working steadily on all the important stuff with my 7yo.  You know, like living and learning, so much so that I didn't even realize we hadn't unofficially started her official education yet.  SO... now it's come down to the wire... like dental floss gage wire.  Yikes.

Here was my to-do list for yesterday:
  • Divide Shakespeare readings
  • Divide Physics Lab readings
  • Print AO's Plutarch reading, divide into 12 readings
  • Print Age of Fable p.79-88 (I don't follow the suggested readings), divide readings over 12 weeks
  • Print Artist/Composer study pages  {out of color ink...shoot!}
  • Print An Island Story (ch.110-114)
  • Decide copywork selections
  • Find and download Folksong/Hymn selections  {hubby needed the computer...urgh}
  • Decide handicraft focus - buy material
  • Decide & print memory work selections
  • Buy any y6 books that are lacking 
  • Format checklists  
  • Schedule YEAR ONE readings, for goodness sakes!

I'm still working today...

It's an effort to figure it all out, but I know I'm not the only one who does this :)


Nancy Kelly said...

I LOVE planning out their terms. I have 2 in year 5, term 3 and 1 in year 3, term 3, Plus a 6 year old. It gets me excited to present all the new books to them. Now, which ones do I read aloud and which ones do I have them read to themselves? That's usually the biggest dilemma!

I pray that it all comes together quickly for you!

amy in peru said...


I normally LOVE planning it too!! I hope I didn't come across that I didn't! It's just that this time I feel so pressed for time!!

OH my word. Someday I will be like you... but I still feel a little overwhelmed with the newness of coordinating 3 in 2 different AO years!! :) I'm working to get them on the same term at least!! :)

Yes, that's our favorite part too... the new books! Matter of fact, my son just was saying the other day about "I can't wait to see the new books", but yesterday he was a little disappointed because he said there aren't any interesting ones... I told him no book is very interesting before you start reading it!! ;)

I really am looking forward to this term's juggling act in spite of it all :)

Silvia said...

Hang in there, you can and will do it! LOL.

Unknown said...

You made me laugh. 12 weeks to complete 12 weeks of school. I'm like you. I always factor in fudge room. But we've got 7 weeks left with only 3 weeks of TIME. YIKES! Some things are going out the window. And fast. No matter. Forward progress.
Keep going, Amy! You can do it!

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