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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monkey Boy... First edition

Here we have a video of our brown capuchin monkey friend...
The kids call him Frodo. I call him Monkey Boy. For he is clearly a boy.

Have a looksee:

We have been this animal's family since he lost his.  I'm not sure I'm as happy as he is about that.  He wakes up EARLY and HUNGRY.  When Micah is home he sees to that (he is wonderful).  But he is currently on a river trip... so now who is to care for the baby?  Well, I take care of that... by waking Javen up :) 

See how he holds on with his tail?  and uses his fingers so adeptly?  and climbs around with such agility?  See how he is not ashamed of his maleness?  well.  he's a monkey boy alright. 

After watching this video, Javen said, "Mom, maybe you shouldn't put that on your blog... it's not modest."  HAHAHAHAHAH.  I laughed out loud.


Jeanne said...

I'm with Javen. That monkey boy is so not modest at all!! Oh my!

(she blushes)

Apart from that he is just so cute.

Now, am I game to show Jemimah?

North Laurel said...

Haha!! I didn't even notice it was immodest until you pointed it out ;) It's interesting that in nature it's something that we don't even notice for the most part. My son was watching it and looked at me weird when I read that it wasn't modest.
haha- just a thought, you could make some pants for the little guy ;)
Perhaps you could combine the name to Frodo Monkey Boy :)

Anonymous said...

That monkey would be so embarrassing to me!! haha. Wow... I could not handle that... great work Amy not freaking out about the maleness everywhere!

looking at today's picture of the 'snails, etc. is what boys are made of' made me just really happy that your kids have such a HUGE backyard there in Peru! That they get to use their imaginations so fully! How exciting for them! : )

love you all!

Amy Miller

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That is pretty cool! I'll have to show this to my boys and see what they think. The only critters we have around here are coons and possum. Does it get more hick than that?

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