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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nature study on the road

One really cool thing about nature study from the car is that although the study cannot be indepth, one does have the opportunity to observe a good number of different objects from a comfortable vantage point...  it is especially beneficial when you are free to stop now and then for a closer look. :)

My kids are quite accustomed to hearing me exclaim from the front seat, "Hey, look at that sky... those clouds sure are interesting!!"  or, "Can you see the pigs?!"  or, "Why do you think the rock layers are like that?".  Whenever we stop for a potty break or because of road construction or what have you, we always take advantage of the opportunity to look and see what plants and insects we can see. 

Of course, on the long roadtrips like those we regularly subject our children to, it is not always possible to stop frequently for more indepth study.  However, the things we see often lead us to further study when we get home or have access again to our books.  Of course, taking the books along with us in the car is the best!  Since our trips traverse the three very distinct regions of Peru; the jungle, the mountains, and the coast, we can observe on a large scale how climate, altitude, geography differences influence the way things grow.  Very interesting!!

Poinsettias are in full bloom this month in the Andes Mountains!

Don't even try to tell me these guys aren't the cutest things!!

One of my littles spotted this from the car. We all got out and watched him until he crossed the road. Slightly creepy.

This was a literal drive by shooting (as my mom calls it), and is one of the wonderful sights along the road.


Silvia said...

You always leave us in admiration with these fab pics and your way to observe nature that you are passing to your kids.

Autismland Penny said...

That spider is beyond creepy!

amy in peru said...

SO glad it wasn't anywhere near my house!! :)

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Wow! That's some great nature! We drove through the Smoky Mtns this week and did some from-the-car study ourselves. No scary spiders, though. ;)

Paula (Belgium) said...

Hi, I am Paula and I found your blog via Jimmie's blog (China). I looked at the books your children are reading as well as the books you like to have on your bookshelf. It is always inspiring to see what other home school mom's and kids read.

That spider is creepy! Luckily we have these only in our zoo. Kind greetings from Belgium.

Cindy said...

We love observing nature everywhere we go! I love going to an area where we wee new things that we'd never find in our own neck of the woods.

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