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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival Schedule

In honor of Charlotte Mason's birthday, today, here is the schedule for the upcoming year of CM Blog Carnivals!
I'm already looking forward to learning and sharing, are you??

This year, there will be one topic designated per month (always optional). All carnival editions hosted and posted during the corresponding month will fall under the same topic. In past years, many that prefer to follow the schedule simply weren't able to keep up with a new topic every two weeks. SO, for those folks, we're allowing for a whole month to meditate on each subject/chapter. We'll see how it goes, and if we like it, we'll keep it. If not, we can change it up*. :)

One more thing, this is really important... the schedule below mentions a bunch of reading selections and blogging topics which are 100% optional! You may blog about any of Miss Charlotte's favorite topics at any time and submit your posts to any CM Blog Carnival all year long! The list below is simply for those who find it helpful, would like to have a plan, or who enjoy communing and thinking along the same lines as others. Please always feel free to share what you are thinking or doing, whether 'officially on-topic' or not.

Go ahead and bookmark or print this post if you'd like to follow along!

Feel free to snag the CMBC logo to link from your blog's sidebar!

Subject to revision, please check the Schedule Page for changes and exact dates.
Optional reading selections & topics are taken from sections of School Education, 
Vol. 3 of CM's Homeschooling Series

Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training - Chapter 10
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Does our Physical Culture make Heroes?
  • A Serviceable Body, the End of Physical Culture.
  • Ye are not Your Own
  • Use of Habit in Physical Training

Some unconsidered aspects of Intellectual Training - Chapter 11
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Three Ultimate Facts - Not open to Questions
  • Limitations of Reason
  • The Formation of Intellectual Habits

Some unconsidered Aspects of Moral Training - Chapter 12
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Authority, the Basis of Moral Teaching
  • Limitations of Authority
  • Morals do not come by Nature

Some unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training - Chapter 13
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Authority in Religious Education
  • The Habits of the Religious Life
  • Fatherhood of God, Kingship of Christ, Our Saviour & The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

A Master Thought - Chapter 14
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Education is a life
  • A Creed which unifies Life
  • The Diet of Great Ideas
  • A Captain Idea for us, - Education is the Science of Relations

School Books and How They Make for Education - Chapter 15
A few subheadings from the section:
  • What manner of Book sustains the Life of Thought?
  • Our aim in Education is to give a Full Life
  • Our Work, to give vitalising Ideas

How to Use School Books - Chapter 16
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Disciplinary Subjects of Instruction
  • Principles on which to select School books & Marks of a Fit Book
  • Children must Labour, Value of Narration, A Single Careful Reading & The Teacher's Part

Education, the Science of Relations: We are Educated by Our Intimacies - Chapter 17
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Only Three Educational Instruments
  • On what does Fulness of Living depend?
  • The Child a Person

We are Educated by Our Intimacies - Further Affinities - Chapter 18
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Intimacy with Natural Objects
  • Having Touch with the Past necessary

We are Educated by Our Intimacies - Vocation - Chapter 19
A few subheadings from the section:
  • Sincere Work
  • Children have Affinities and should have Relations
  • The Highest Relationship

Suggestions Toward a Curriculum - Chapter 20
A few subheadings from the section:
  • A Definite Aim, A unifying principle
  • Knowledge vs. Information
  • Children have a Natural Craving for Knowledge

What we love MOST about Charlotte Mason, Looking back & Looking forward

*Please always feel free to send suggestions and opinions regarding the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival to charlotte mason blogs AT gmail DOT com (no spaces)!


Sharron said...

On a previous Carnival there was a post about how someone was able to read more books by using Charlotte's methods than one would think and I cannot remember who wrote that. Does anyone have any idea who that might have been or anything similar?

laurke said...

Do you have a certain day each month that posts are due and that the carnival will be up?

amyinperu said...

those dates will be posted shortly! thanks for asking...


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