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Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 CM Blog Carnival Announcement and Invitation!

For the first edition of this year, the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival will be posted on January 14, 2014! 
How cool is that? 1/14/14! That's only a week away.

Please join us by submitting a post, or just reading along. Posts are due by 1/13 before 5pm EST. Send the link to your post in an e-mail to: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com.

As always, we welcome all of your Charlotte Mason inspired blog posts! Bloggers vary widely in their gifts and experiences, which means, we can all learn from each other. We hope you'll share with us!

Below, you will find an optional topic, a thought provoking quote and several ideas for those who need a little writing prompt or who would like some direction for further study. :)

I look forward to reading and sharing!  

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Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training - Chapter 10 

Here are a couple of interesting things that I came across in my pre-reading of the chapter (read the entire chapter online here). A thought provoking quote, considering the day and age we live in:
"'Ye are your own,' is perhaps the unspoken thought of most young persons––your own, and free to do what you like with your own. Therefore, excess in sports, excess in easy-going pleasure, excess in study, excess in desultory reading, excess of carelessness in regard to health, any excess that we have a mind to, is lawful to us if only it is expedient. This loose morality with regard to our physical debts, without touching actual vice, which is probably on the decline, is the reason why the world does not get all that it should out of such splendid material."     Charlotte Mason, v3 p103
A list of pertinent ideas to think over (read the entire chapter online here):

  • Greek games and Greek heroes.
  • How a child may be trained to his physical responsibilities.
  • The vocation of the body.
  • 'Innocent' excesses.
  • Unlawful and lawful home discipline.
  • The heroic impulse.
  • The training afforded by games.
  • Athletics, their use and abuse.
  • Parental authority in physical matters.
  • The right uses of self-denial.
  • The government, management, and training of the body.
  • The duty of health.

(List quoted from v3 p105)

*Please see the CM Blog Carnival Schedule page for a list of dates and topics for the whole year (in progress). 

**By subscribing to the Carnival Announcement/Reminder list you can stay up-to-date and never miss another carnival. Plus, you'll receive handy-dandy monthly ideas & links pertaining to the topic... for free! ;) oh wait, it's all free! heheh.

***Also, please encourage your bloggy AND non-bloggy friends, who love Charlotte Mason and/or those just getting interested, to visit the CMBCarnival, the more the merrier!! :)

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