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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And the ART calendar goes to...! & More reflection, anyone?

Wait, I just had a flashback. You know that awkward feeling you get when you're at a raffle or some drawing, and the winner's about to be called out and for that split second you're REALLY hoping... and then... you're not it?

I hate that.

I am so sorry. Here, I've done it again! Seriously, I want to send everyone a calendar. I even want to send a calendar to everyone of y'all who was considering writing a reflective post! Sad, how I wish I could.

At least I am not going to do it like several I've seen done here in Peru. Here, they call out THREE names and the first two ARE NOT the winners. Can you believe that? They call out the first name, and then say, 'I'm sorry, you DIDN'T win'. Then the second, 'I'm sorry, NOR did you'. Imagine. I feel like that would be almost devastating and is one reason for which I strongly dislike raffles here. I feel super sad for whoever hopes and doesn't win...

But then again, how HAPPY for Nicole! Because hers is the name I drew tonight, and tomorrow, I will be sending her the 2014 ART Calendar!! Yippee! And because you all are so generous, I know that you all are really and truly happy for her too! :)

Now, for a confession, I haven't even read any of the entrants' posts yet! I've been saving them all up! Now, I can hardly wait!

To make it easier, I'm going to go ahead and post the linky AGAIN right here in this very same post, AND, I'm hoping, that maybe, just maybe, there might be a few more of you that were hoping/planning to get around to it, so I want to open it back up for a week or two just in case there are any of you who may still be reflecting on 2013/goal setting for 2014 and would like to link up your posts. There are no more giveaways, mind you, but I'd still love it if you'd like to share your posts! I may add a couple more myself. :)


Please feel free to link up to your posts in review of 
or reflection upon 2013 or goal setting for 2014!



Tammy Glaser said...

Congratulations, Nicole!!

Nicole Williams said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so excited!!!

Nelleke Plouffe said...

I was going to participate in this, but with all the holiday busyness and visiting, I only got my post up on January 1. Here it is: Congratulations to the winner!

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