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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite sites... a memoir

Homeschool Memoirs!
(this is a catch-up post from 9/17)

This week we are invited to share a few of our favourite things - er - sites. The list of favourite things could be never-ending... Just copy this list and add your favorites underneath the appropriate category.

  • Magazines/Carnivals - In the homeschool category, I enjoy the CM blog carnival, Heart of the Matter, The Old Schoolhouse magazine. If we're talking non-homeschool, I like Better Homes and Gardens and Family Fun magazines the most!
  • Freebie sites - I LOVE, and I also frequent and when the freebie is something I think we might use. I also subscribe to weekly newsletters where they give away free digiscrap stuff.
  • Homeschool news/informative - As for news, I'm totally out of the loop. For information, I read blogs, and subscribe to yahoo groups applicable to my CM style.
  • Forums/book clubs - same as above
  • Networking, Blog “About” (sites that offer tech-support or tutorials for computer/internet) & Quick Links - no time for that these days :)
  • Mom site - a sites just for moms
  • Inspirational/encouraging/motivational - is super inspirational to me, along with my friends' blogs.
  • Youth/kid - sites geared towards youth/kids or owned by them
  • Memes - Homeschool Memoirs, Heart of the Matter, Simple Woman's Daybook, My Husband Rocks and Thursday Thirteen are some of the meme's I have participated in with varying regularity.
  • Organizing/crafts - sites that you look to for organizing tips or crafts -, - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site!!
  • Homemaking/Homesteading - blogs, New Harvest Homestead digital magazine
  • Bible-focused - sites mainly about God’s Word -
  • Homeschool Method - sites that offer a lot of info on a certain method -,
  • Family blog - sites that give you a glimpse into another family’s life, run by a family - I sometimes go to
  • Businesses, particularly homebased - no time... :)
All this must be tempered with the realization that I really have no time to look at all this stuff regularly. If I do, I'm sacrificing time with my kids/husband or my home gets messy. I really can't afford much time online at all. So, there you have it :)


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