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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an update...

I am going to attempt to get caught up on the Homeschool Memoirs posts, but beyond that I do not even aspire to daily blogging for now.
Our life is just SO full. I would apologize for not having blogged for some time, but I don't want to be always apologizing, since I know that this is not the last time that some time will pass between posts. As I was telling a friend recently, my blog exists to serve me, not the reverse.

So, here I am. I have about 2,546 post ideas swirling about in my head and no time for writing them all down.

If I can get myself on a routine of sorts for awhile, it may be possible to establish regular blogging time. But as it is, I just have too much going, and there is nothing in my life right now that can give so that I might maintain a well-read blog.

After the memoirs, I think the first thing that I will attempt to write will be on nature study. We are beginning this wonderful subject again, after having taken a lengthy hiatus. We will use Outdoor Hour Challenges found here and Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. We started with the first challenge (which was sadly disappointing), which I will blog about soon.

Next, in my ample spare time, I want to write on the subject of habit forming... as I have previously mentioned. But since my abundant spare time is occupied cleaning this huge house, cooking 3 meals a day, backing up my awesome husband, teaching my wonderful children,
and doing ministry... that subject will be left to marinate until further notice :)

God is SO good.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy!
: )

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