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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ritalin alternative: Nature Study

(photo taken in Cajamarca on Mother's Day, 2005)
"The researchers found that a “dose of nature” worked as well or better than a dose of medication on the child’s ability to concentrate. What’s not clear is how long the nature effect can last." Read the full NY Times article HERE.

Well, isn't this interesting? No wonder we have so many medicated kids out there. God's creation is not only enjoyable but being out there is healthy too! Too many kids live incubated lives. Go to school, go home, watch tv, go to bed... repeat the next morning.

Just another GREAT reason to enjoy homeschooling and to get out and enjoy the outdoors.



6intow said...

Very interesting article. Makes a lot of sense. Helps explain the jump in ADHD in recent years. It would be interesting to compare ADHD rates with TV viewing, computer use, and video gaming rates. I'm pretty sure there would be a correlation.

Thanks for sharing this info!

Anonymous said...

Good point. I wonder the % of medicated children in public school?

Nice photo.

Emily said...

HEY! Am I slow that you're blogging over here? I'm slow...and have had bad internet connections lately. It stinks feeling behind.

The country there is gorgeous. And it makes me feel sad for kids who live in cities and the only nature they get is their school's playground.

missy said...

I am a homeschooling mom, too, and I like to look in on your blog from time to time.
Reading this post, (with such a fun title), I wonder if you know of Dr Steven Guffanti. He is kind of a homeschool circuit lecturer on the subject of ADHD kids and how they can be best loved and educated. You might enjoy reading some of his ideas. You will have to google him, though. As I don't have the link handy.
He is really fun and interesting, like your blog.

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