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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Study spot... a memoir

(this is a catch-up post from 10/08)

Our favourite spot to study...

We are always doing different things. We are so portable, so flexible, so adaptable that we're not all that regular! We do certain subjects in the same places (sometimes), but we don't stay in the same place all day, nor do we seem to spend more time in one place than another! whoa, we're weird!

We usually do math at the table all together (but not always... heheh :).

We do read alouds wherever we feel like it: on the couch, in the car, on a bed, at the table, or near the closest outlet if the laptop needs charging :)

The boys do their copywork/math, anything that requires writing at their desks or up in the office where it's quiet. They can't seem to concentrate on these subjects if there's even the tiniest noise.

We actually have an official schoolroom, but basically it only serves the purpose of housing all of our learning materials, because not much school actually takes place in there.

So there's not a favorite study spot really... except I must add that we LOVE that we study at home or at the park or in the car or wherever it may be and that NOT at a school!


Homeschool Memoirs!

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