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Friday, January 24, 2014

Booklists Old and New: 2013 & 2014

This post shall be Reflective on the one hand, as I note the books I've read in 2013, while on the other it shall adhere to this month's theme of Newness with a projected booklist for 2014.
Now you know. That there was my introduction.


...and because the girl's extremely bored expression 
makes. me. laugh., I'm putting it up AGAIN.

Last year, I set out to be more purposeful in my reading. I guess I probably did better than past years, but still I was not as purposeful as I'd like to be.

I made a Very Long Booklist for 2013. I sort of went hog wild listing titles left and right. I figured they were books I'd eventually like to read, so why not put them ALL on the list?! Silly me. There was a big difference in the list I made in January 2013 and what I had in December 2013. There were books that had been scribbled in on a whim and two months later were completely forgotten or that halfway through the year had lost their luster. Those along with some books that have been on the *to read* list for the last 4 years simply didn't get read. Obviously, I am a novice at advanced booklistkeeping.

Anyway, no more excuses, I read what I read and here's the list.

Wait, one more thing: I'm not going to comment on any of them this time around because, well, if this reflective-ish post is going to make it up inside January's borders, I have to post it as-is.

Oh, and I just thought of something else. I may try to make a linkable list later. Right now, I'm just going to post pictures of the list. That's about 68 times easier!

Yes, the list, it's coming...

Books actually read in 2013:

Now, for 2014.
I learned some things from reflecting on last year's Very Long Booklist. This year's list denotes changes based on those now *older and wiser* observations.

Starting with generalizing the categories, then slimming my pickings in each, I anticipate having room for more guiltless spontaneous reading throughout the year.

Also, I went ahead and cut all the books I've been thinking of reading for nigh on forever and will commit their fate to whichever way the winds of interest and curiosity blow.

Oh, the list? Right, that's where I was going....
Here you have it.

Books planned for 2014:

P.S. Incidentally, not all the books that I read to the kids for school have made the Booklists. Generally, I only included those I would read regardless of whether I was reading aloud to them or just for my very own self.

And it's possible I've forgotten to list one or two titles; and nary an author, since this is not an official bibliography (contact me if you simply cannot figure that out and absolutely must know).
So that's  pretty much it.

My friends booklists often help me decide which books to read.

These are a few of my friends' favorite things:

Jeanne's favorite 10
Mama Squirrel's 10 books that stuck
Nancy's Reader's Journal

It seems like there were a few more, but I'm so late in getting this up, the links are buried now... Anyway, if you've posted a booklist and you'd like to share, you can link to it in the comments, how's that?!

*(:K: stands for the kindle version.)


Ginger said...

Love Pilgrim at Tinker Creek! :) Thanks for sharing Amy!

Mama Squirrel said...

Well, not totally my favourites forever...I took the "stuck" idea literally and listed those that had an impact whether I liked it or not. A couple of the books on the list I haven't read since high school--but they made me think. Thanks for the link though!

Tammy Glaser said...

What do you think of the Oliver Sacks book?

amyinperu said...

tammy, thanks for asking. honestly, i haven't thought about it for a while because i actually read very little of it last year, and that bit was early on. it's a book i'm continuing still from the middle of the previous previous year. however, i was inspired enough by ideas presented as part of his story to temporarily step aside and blaze trails into a couple of new side-interests. back again, i do intend to keep going. obviously, i can't speak to more than the first third of the book, which certainly for me required some slight discipline to keep picking it up, since itself doesn't seem to keep much of a hold on it's own. i guess i can relate this to how i feel about math. i have to make myself choose it, but once i do i very much enjoy the challenge and better yet, when finished, i am absolutely delighted with what i've done. ;)

amyinperu said...

right. i knew that. thanks for clarifying though, 'cause i messed it up when i changed that heading... sorry 'bout that.

either way, i suppose that books that have made us think, while not necessarily our favorites for content, we can look upon them as favorites in a different sense. we are grateful for what they have added to us as persons by having made us us think... we've grown because we read them. that's kind of how i feel about the living, by annie dillard, actually.

Tammy Glaser said...

I've read a lot of his books and have enjoyed them. It helped me see Pamela through different eyes.

Celeste said...

Interesting you mentioned Paradise Lost...I was thinking about tackling that sometime soon too, as I haven't read it since grad school but LOVE Milton. Maybe this will be the year! :)

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