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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Religious Studies {vol 1}

Welcome to the November 8, 2011 edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!

blog carnival:  where like-minded bloggers come together and share posts on along a common thread. 
~ that's my very own definition ;)

Our common thread is also our friend and mentor, Charlotte Mason. :)  There are many encouraging posts once again this time around the carnival.  Please stop by the different blogs and make sure to say hello!  The carnival will be taking on it's beloved rotation around the blog-o-sphere once again as several volunteers contacted me saying they'd love to host us, so I'm excited we'll be going a-visiting!!  Please see the schedule page for information about the when and what of upcoming carnivals. :)

It's time again to grab that cuppa somethin' good and enjoy the rich variety and beauty in CM homes around the world!  Enjoy!

A living education is...

nak presents Science Narration Journals & Walnuts Plumping

Tiger's Mum presents Degas and the ballet

Cindy West presents Fungi Study

Laura Grace Weldon presents Fun Theory  

Michelle presents The Charlotte Mason Method Inspires Me 

Richele McFarlin presents Teaching Shakespeare to Young Children

Jimmie presents Thirteen Ways to Reuse a Page a Day Art Calendar

Pamela Jorrick presents Art Every Day Challenge

Kelly @ The Homeschool Co-op presents Self-Control, NutureShock, Tools of the Mind & Homeschoolers

Barb-Harmony Art Mom presents Our October Bird List and Sparrow Study Using the Handbook of Nature Study

AnnieKate presents Mother Culture

{  About a year ago, several regular carnival bloggers agreed that we might add optional themes for those bloggers who would like some added inspiration on what to blog about, an idea for further CM study, and/or in order to have a place of reference for the future when looking for specific CM topics. I've really enjoyed having the topic, but have also worried that many people have perceived it as a limit to the carnival instead of an enhancement.  Please know that the theme serves only as a suggestion, not in anyway a limit!  }

Some religious studies:

Brandy@Afterthoughts presents Bible Lessons, CM-Style {Part I} & Bible Lessons, CM-Style (Part II)

Nadene presents Memory Verse Cards for Victory, Prayer & Purity | Practical Pages & Memorizing Scripture the Simply Charlotte Mason Way (free printables!)

Nebby presents Psalm 24  

Amy Dumas presents The Closest of All Relationships

Barb presents Habit: Remembering The Thoughts Of God

The next CMBCarnival will be:
Book of Centuries/Timelines (a form of vitality) - 11/22
(to be hosted at our favorite online treehouse!!)
Suggested Reading:
CM vol.6 p169-180 & vol.4 p.36-38
Parent's Review articles: The Book of Centuries & The Teaching of Chronology

PS. Be on the look out, because we have a few giveaways planned for some of the upcoming carnivals!! ;)


Hwee said...

Thank you for hosting and for accepting my entry!

Amy Dumas said...

Thanks for hosting Amy, and as always... Great Carnival!

Unknown said...

Just getting over to check the carnival for this edition. Thanks Amy for hosting...

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